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Month: December 2021

Living in a Collapsed Economy (1): A cook, a labourer, a migrant worker, a small trader and a factory owner tell us what their lives look like now

Martine van Bijlert AAN Team

In the summer of 2021 AAN started a new research project for ‘Living under the Taleban’ that looked into how life had changed in districts that were newly coming under Taleban control, one after the other, with dizzying speed. Then the Republic collapsed, mere days after we conducted our first interviews. When we picked up the […]

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Taliban machen auf Frauenrechtler: Dekret zu Frauenrechten in Afghanistan

Tageszeitung, 6 December 2021 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig analyses the new Taleban ‘women’s rights’ decree – which only speaks about certain rights in marriage and does not address the right to work or access to education at all (in German).

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In Afghanistan, ‘Who Has the Guns Gets the Land’

New York Times, 3 December 2021 Former AAN colleague Fazl Muzhary is quoted in this article about land conflicts and how the Taleban deal with them:  “The greatest issue for the Taliban going forward will be to deal with land documentation and legalization,” said Fazal Muzhary, a former researcher at Afghanistan Analysts Network, a policy […]

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Afghanistan’s Looming Catastrophe

Foreign Affairs, 3 December 2021 This article briefly quotes AAN research: The financial collapse is compounded by a Taliban government that seems to have no coherent plan for running the economy and has devoted much of its sparse revenues to paying Taliban fighters, as a recent report by the Afghanistan Analysts Network has suggested.

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In Afghanistan droht eine Hungerkatastrophe

Augsburger Allgemeine, 2 December 2021 Interview with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig about the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Afghanistan (in German).

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Afghanistan: Taliban als Garanten der Sicherheit?

SRF, 1 December 2021 Listen to an interview with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on Swiss radio (in German) about the Taleban in power and their conflict with the Islamic State.

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Cannabis-Kooperation mit deutscher Firma: Joint Venture mit den Taliban

Tageszeitung, 1 December 2021 Guest article by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig (in German) about the plans of a Germany-based company to develop a plant processing cannabis, based on a contract recently concluded with the Taleban which gives it the monopoly over the country’s entire cannabis harvest.

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