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Month: November 2021

Killing the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg: Afghanistan’s economic distress post-15 August

Kate Clark

Even as the Taleban celebrated their unprecedented victory on 15 August 2021, Afghanistan was transformed. It was poorer, more isolated and extremely fragile, economically. Most aid stopped, sanctions came into effect against the Taleban government and foreign reserves were frozen. Economic disaster came on top of the worst drought in years and the ill-effects of […]

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Ex-Afghan finance minister Payenda blames ‘ghost soldiers’ for Taliban victory

New York Post, 10 November 2021 The newspaper refers to an earlier exclusive interview of ex-finance minister Payenda given to AAN.

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Global Warming and Afghanistan: Drought, hunger and thirst expected to worsen

Mhd Assem Mayar

While the nations of the world come together at the COP26 to seek solutions to climate change, Afghanistan is already suffering from global warming. One of the worst droughts in recent years has caused rainfed wheat crops to fail, led to plummeting livestock prices and shortages in drinking water. 19 million people – nearly half […]

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Analysis: Can the ICC deliver justice in Afghanistan?

al-Jazeera, 4 November 2021 In this article looking at further developments around a planned International Criminal Court’s (ICC) investigation into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan, after the ICC dropped the US and former government forces from the list of those to be investigated, AAN’s Ehsan Qaane is quoted as having expressed frustration about this decision: […]

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Wirtschaftliche Lage in Afghanistan: „Die Situation ist verzweifelt“

Tageszeitung, 3 Novmber 2021 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig looks at the deteriorating economic and social situation in Afghanistan after the Taleban banned the use of foreign currencies.

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Mensenrechtenschendingen in Afghanistan: ‘Het is alsof het huis is weggespoeld’

De Groene Amsterdammer, 3 November 2021 AAN’s Ehsan Qaane and Kate Clark are extensively quoted in the Dutch publication on attempts to rescue human rights advocates from Afghanistan, on how Afghan activists helped the ICC on a planned investigation on war crimes and were disappointed and on how the Americans wanted to create democracy through […]

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The Taliban is trying to win over Afghanistan’s Shiites with a 33-year-old Hazara emissary

Washington Post, 1 November 2021 The Post quotes AAN analyst Ali Adili on one of the most high-ranking Hazaras in the new Taleban administration, the intelligence chief for Bamian province: “He’s not the kind of national figure that could appeal to the Hazara community,” said Ali Adili, an Afghan researcher focusing on the Hazara community […]

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