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Month: November 2021

Afghanistan’s tumultuous year and uncertain future

France 24, 30 November 2021 AAN’s Kate Clark is extensively quotes in this article on the circumstances and consequences of the Taleban takeover as well as the current socio-economic crisis in Afghanistan: “The consequences of the takeover were calamitous and immediate,” Kate Clark wrote in a special report for the Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN). The […]

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One Afghan wins in court, while other Guantanamo detainees remain ensnared in a rigged system

Kate Clark

A landmark court ruling, which saw a Guantanamo detainee successfully argue that his detention was unlawful for the first time in more than a decade, has now been published. The judge said that the United States no longer had the legal authority to detain Asadullah Harun Gul because his faction, Hezb-e Islami, “is at peace.” […]

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Afganistán se hunde bajo el control talibán

El País, 27 November 2021 The leading Spanish newspaper quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on what the trends after the Taleban takeover are in Afghanistan and on the power of the IS in Afghanistan, addressing the question whether it could challenge the Taleban: Thomas Ruttig, uno de los mayores expertos en Afganistán y codirector del centro […]

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‘Business as usual’: Afghan drug trade continues under Taliban

TRT World, 24 November 2021 The official Turkish international broadcaster quotes AAN research in this article by a guest author, Ruport Stone: In 2020 the Taliban prohibited cannabis cultivation in territory under their control, although the ban was not enforced in major cannabis-growing parts of Kandahar and other provinces, according to a recent report by the Afghanistan Analysts […]

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On Helmand’s bleak wards, dying children pay the price as western aid to Afghanistan is switched off

The Observer, 21 November 2021 Article with a self-explanatory headline.

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Mädchenbildung verboten?

Tageszeitung, 21 November 2021 In this article for the Berlin daily (in German), AAN’s Thomas Ruttig looks at the highly important question whether the Taleban in Afghanistan have banned girls’ education past grade 6 – and finds a mixed picture, with no official ban, areas where fear and local taleban rulers closed schools, but also […]

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Čo dovolí Taliban afganským ženám?

Pravda, 18 November 2021 Quotes from AAN’s Thomas Ruttig in this analysis of the Slovak daily, among other international experts, on the Taleban’s behaviour vis-à-vis women: “V tomto prípade nie je jasné, či s tým má niečo spoločné Taliban, prípadne ľudia, ktorí sa k nemu hlásia. Môžu za tým byť kriminálnici. Je preto zložité dať tieto vraždy do […]

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Stability remains elusive for Afghanistan

Tribune India, 18 November 2021 Quote and praise of Kate Clark’s AAN research: Kate Clark of the Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN) is writing the best current research on Afghanistan, that wonderland of beauty, ravaged by humans over the past 40 years. In her latest piece on November 11, she writes that even if some humanitarian […]

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Zahlenspiele zur Beruhigung

nd, 17 November 2021 This article in the German left-wing daily looking at German evacuations of Afghan employes and other people in danger briefly quotes from AA research about Afghanistan’s aid dependancy: Laut einem Bericht der Kabuler Denkfabrik »Afghanistan Analysts Network« war das Land abhängig von ausländischen Devisen. Die jährlich 8,5 Milliarden US-Dollar an militärischer […]

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Music Censorship in 2021: The silencing of a nation and its cultural identity

Fabrizio Foschini

Music and musicians once again face serious threats following Afghanistan’s takeover by the Taleban in August this year. Over the past two decades, the theory and practice of traditional Afghan instruments, as well as other musical forms, has seen a remarkable revival after the destruction of the country’s musical heritage during the 1990s, with skills […]

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An Assessment of Taliban Rule at Three Months

CTC Sentinel, 11 November 2021 Andrew Watkins, former Crisis Group analyst in Afghanistan, attempts a first, extensive and in-depth assessment of the Taleban’s now more than three months’ second rule in Afghanistan. In the abstract, he writes: In spite of the evolution in Taliban shadow governance over the past decade and the group’s growing sense […]

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