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Month: July 2021

Fear Returns: Terrified Afghans flee as Taliban sweep through country in the wake of UK and US troops withdrawal

The Sun (US), 11 July 2021 A short quote from AAN’s Kate Clark made it into a British broadsheet: “There is a real sense of foreboding,” says Kate Clark, director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network.

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As the Taliban surge back, anyone who can is leaving Afghanistan

The Sunday Times, 11 July 2021 Kate Clark from AAN is quoted here on the current situation in Afghanistan (article behind paywall): There is a real sense of foreboding,” says Kate Clark, director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, which has monitored the fall of more than a third of …

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Talibãs querem mostrar outra cara (Taliban want to show another face)

Jornal N (Portugal), 11 July 2021 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted in this article about the Taleban’s attempts to present a moderate(d) face to the Afghan population: «Eles querem mesmo mostrar-se como o futuro Governo, a trabalhar a favor do povo», considera Thomas Ruttig, fundador e co-diretor da Afghanistan Analysts Network, ao Nascer do SOL. […]

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Wo Sicherheit eine Frage der Perspektive ist

Süddeutsche Zeitung (Munich), 9 July 2021 AAN’s Obaid Ali is quoted In this article in one of the leading German dailies, about the Taleban offensive in northern Afghanistan: Dass die Taliban sich nun stark auf diese Region fokussierten, habe damit zu tun, dass sie “die Bildung einer zweiten Nordallianz verhindern wollen”, sagt Obaid Ali, Forscher […]

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Afghan women’s hopes

The New Humanitarian, 9 July 2021 The former UN – now independent – news service put AAN research into their “on the radar” category: On our radar Rural Afghan women on peace, war, and ‘our role in society’ Greater freedom, better education, more control over their lives – the push for women’s rights doesn’t stop […]

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US withdrawal from Afghanistan will be chaotic and bloody — but it’s the right call

Tasks & Purposes, 9 July 2021 AAN research on corruption in Afghanistan is quoted in this analysis in the US military magazine: “Corruption in government has not been checked,” a report from the Afghanistan Analysts Network said recently. “That has fatally weakened the effectiveness and morale of those on the front line… As always in Afghanistan, it […]

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Taleban: Schießen und Verhandeln (Shooting and Talking)

nd (Berlin), 9 July 2021 The German daily quotes AAN’s Ali Adili: »Zweifellos haben die Taliban viel Terrain erobert, im Norden, im Westen«, sagt dem »nd« Ali Yawar Adili, der in Kabul als Country Director des Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN) arbeitet. Aber die Situation sei »volatil« und ändere sich ständig. In der Provinz Herat, in […]

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Rural Women’s Access to Health: Poverty, insecurity and traditions are the main obstacles

Jelena Bjelica AAN Team

What do good health services look like for rural women in Afghanistan? How easy or difficult is it for them to access the basic health services that do exist in their area? Does insecurity have a different impact on access to health services for women and men? To answer these questions, we interviewed nineteen Afghan women from different rural districts of the country. As […]

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Rural Afghan Women Fear Loss of Rights in Peace Deal / پژوهش: زنان روستایی نگران آیندۀ پسا صلح با طالبان استند

ToloNews, 8 July 2021 The leading Afghan news website reports AAN’s latest special report, ‘Between Hope and Fear. Rural Afghan women talk about peace and war’ and quotes Kabul colleague Khadija Hussaini who contributed, on both its English and Dari language website, saying: AAN findings indicate that the women in remote regions of Afghanistan have […]

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As Taliban advance, Afghan women hug their rights

Christian Science Monitor, 8 July 2021 The US online publication extensively refers to recent AAN research on rural Afghan women: According to a new survey by the Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN), rural women are very concerned about retaining the civic rights that they have gained since a U.S.-led invasion ousted the Taliban two decades ago. […]

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Return of the Taliban: What next for Afghanistan?

France 24, 8 July 2021 Watch a TV debate on the French public international broadcaster, including AAN’s Ali Yawar Adili.

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Krieg in Afghanistan: Die Taliban rücken vor, Deutschland schiebt ab (War in Afghanistan: The Taleban advance, Germany deports)

ARD (German TV), 8 July 2021 Monitor, a political magazine in leading German public broadcaster ARD, quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on current changes in Afghanistan’s security situation, particularly in areas until recently in the German military’s reponsibility (from the German transcript): Thomas Ruttig, Afghanistan Analysts Network: “In den Gebieten, in denen die Bundeswehr aktiv war zuletzt, […]

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