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Month: May 2021

„Historischer Fehler“? Der Abzug der westlichen Streitkräfte aus Afghanistan hat begonnen, 6 May 2021 The Swiss news portal quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan: Trotzdem bezeichnen manche in den USA den Abzug aus Afghanistan als „historischen Fehler“. Doch die USA hatten „only bad choices“, sagte Thomas Ruttig, der Co-Direktor des „Afghanistan Analysts Network“.

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Afghanistan: Verbrannte Erde

junge Welt, 4 May 2021 The Berlin-based leftwing daily quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on the misappropriated funds for Afghan reconstruction from an op-ed for Berlin-based Tagesspiegel: Zuschüsse in Milliardenhöhe für den Wiederaufbau (…) befeuerten, wie der Afghanistan-Experte Thomas Ruttig am Donnerstag im Tagesspiegel schrieb, »eine Warlord-Kaste, die die Hilfsgelder aufsaugte und unter den Augen des NATO-Militärs mit […]

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Kandahar Dispatch: Day 1 of the End of the U.S. War in Afghanistan

New York Times, 3 May 2021 “The scenes over the weekend were almost as if a multitrillion-dollar war machine had morphed into a garage sale. At the airfield’s peak in 2010 and 2011, its famous and much derided boardwalk housed snack shops, chain restaurants, a hockey rink and trinket stores. Tens of thousands of U.S. and NATO […]

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Biden marks 10 years since bin Laden raid

Yahoo News, 2 May 2021 This news items quotes from Kate Clark’s recent AAN analysis of repercussions of the current US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan: Few have faith in the peace negotiations under way between the Taliban and the government. Ending the war through negotiations is the “least likely scenario,” said the Afghanistan Analysts Network, […]

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Children in an IDP camp in Dand district, Kandahar province. Thousands of people fled their homes after Taleban offensives in Helmand and Kandahar provinces in October and November 2020, and ANSF counter-offensives. Photo: Javed Tanveer/AFP, 7 January 2021.

As US troops withdraw, what next for war and peace in Afghanistan?

Kate Clark

The United States’ decision to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan unconditionally, and the apparent dead end of its efforts to broker peace in Afghanistan, will have profound ramifications for the conflict. The likely outcomes can already be seen, including, ominously, in how civilian casualties are back up to their 2019 levels. Scrutinising the patterns […]

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As the U.S. departs Afghanistan, will the old Taliban reemerge?

Washington Post, 1 May 2021 In this article by Missy Ryan and Susannah George, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is both quoted directly and from his recently published article at West Point’s CTC Sentinel: Thomas Ruttig, co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, said he believes the Taliban is waiting to gauge its strength relative to other parties, […]

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