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Month: January 2021

Biometric data led President Trump to pardon an American soldier convicted of killing Afghan civilians. What if the data was wrong?

New York Times, 9 January 2021 Self-explaning sub-headline. (The titel is: “Were These the Fingerprints of a Terrorist?“).

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Climate Change Threatens Glaciers in Afghanistan: Experts / چهار هزار یخچال طبیعی افغانستان در خطر ذوب شدن قرار دارند

Tolonews, 8 January 2021 AAN’s research on Afghanistan’s diminishing glaciers (یخچال طبیعی) by Jelena Bjelica is summarised in this news item – also in Dari.

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Afghanistan: Kurswechsel nach einer Biden-Übernahme nicht in Sichtweite

Telepolis, 8 January 2021 In an article about what can be expected on Afghanistan by the new US president Joe Biden for this news website, author Emran Feroz quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig: Die Anzahl der Truppen soll bis Januar auf 2.500 “boots on the ground” verringert werden. Afghanistan-Kenner Thomas Ruttig stellt in diesem Kontext fest: […]

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AAN’s most-read dispatches in 2020: Cannabis, Bollywood, Bride Prices… and War

Kate Clark

2020 was a year when our readers wanted to read about the war and efforts to find peace and Afghanistan’s culture and history. Reports scrutinising the Doha talks and mapping the conflict appeared in our twenty most-read publications last year, along with others looking at Afghanistan’s history, its relationship with Bollywood and practices around getting married and […]

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‘I Cry At Night’: Afghan Mothers Struggle To Feed Their Children In The Pandemic

NPR, 6 January 2021 AAN research on aid for Afghanistan is quoted in this articl.

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Der Frieden in Afghanistan scheint so weit entfernt wie eh und je

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 5 January 2021 In its preview on the resumption of intra-Afghan negotiations in Doha, the leading Swiss daily, links to AAN analysis of the agreed rules of procedure and the preliminary agenda lists of both parties.

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Shrinking, Thinning, Retreating: Afghan glaciers under threat from climate change

Jelena Bjelica

Lying high up in Afghanistan’s highest mountains, hidden from most human eyes, are almost 4,000 glaciers, according to the first comprehensive Afghan glacier database. These glaciers are of critical importance for Afghans for supplying water for drinking and irrigation. Yet research shows Afghanistan’s glaciers are melting. Almost 14 per cent of the total area of […]

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Intra-Afghan Talks (1): Rules of procedure agreed, but still no agenda as talks resume

Ali Yawar Adili

The second round of intra-Afghan negotiations – as they are officially called – is scheduled to begin in two days time, on 5 January 2021, in Doha. The first round ended on 14 December after three months of talks. During that time, the teams managed only to agree on the rules of procedure for the […]

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The Rules of Procedure for Intra-Afghan Talks

AAN’s working translation of the rules of procedures (published by VOA in Dari and Pashto on 9 December 2020 here) Introduction The credibility and honour of Afghanistan is bestowed by its Islamic identity and national unity. Our country can be saved from dependencies, [and] direct and indirect interference by others when Islamic justice is safeguarded in the […]

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