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Month: March 2020

El Gobierno de Kabul se fractura a las puertas de la negociación con los talibanes

El Diario Vasco and La Rioja, 9 March 2020 The two Spanish local dailies quote AAN’s Ali Yawar Adili on the rival presidencies in Afghanistan, apparently taking it from the RFE/RL Gandhara blog but not attributing the source: «Se trata de un problema más que personal entre los dos políticos y deberían solucionarlo y llegar […]

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A Secret Accord With the Taliban: When and How the U.S. Would Leave Afghanistan

The Nw York Times, 8 March 2020 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has confirmed that the US-Taleban agreement concluded in Doha in late February has two secret annexes. he called them “military implementation documents.” They are only accessible to members of the US Congress who cannot divulge their content. The Times, nonetheless, compiles what is […]

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Taliban hebben reden voor feestje

Reformatorisch Dagblad, 6 March 2020 The Dutch newspaper quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig, apparently both from AAN research and from his German blog, on the US-taleban deal and the impact of the Ghani-Abdullah presidency dispute: Een bizarre situatie, oordeelt Thomas Ruttig van het Afghanistan Analyst [sic] Network (AAN) in Kabul. Temeer omdat de overeenkomst verstrekkende gevolgen […]

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War Crimes Investigation in Afghanistan by the ICC: It’s happening. What will it mean?

Ehsan Qaane Kate Clark

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has authorised an investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity occurring in Afghanistan since 2003, by the Taleban, and United States and Afghan government forces. The investigation will also cover crimes related to the Afghan conflict that took place on the territory of other ICC member states, thereby bringing […]

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In Afghanistan la pace archivia la giustizia

Il Manifesto, 5 March 2020 The leftwing Italian daily quotes AAN’s Ehsan Qaane on the ICC decision to finally start war crimes investigations in Afghanistan (there is also an English version of this article, here): L’accordo tra Stati uniti e Talebani rischia di sotterrare una volta per tutte le rivendicazioni di giustizia degli afghani. «L’ultima […]

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Why is the US negotiating with the world’s deadliest terror organisation?

Security Distillery, 4 March 2020 An entry in this blog produced ‘by students for students’ quotes AAN’s Kate Clark via The Guardian: As Kate Clark, the co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, points out, a withdrawal of US troops might tip the military balance in the Taliban’s favour.

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Pakistan calls on Kabul to abide by Taliban prisoner swap deal

al-Jazeera, 3 March 2020 AAN’s Obaid Ali is quoted on the disputed Afghan government-Taliban prisoners exchange and remarks of Pakistan’s foreign minister Qureshi on the subject: Obaid Ali, an analyst at Afghanistan Analyst Network, said: “What Qureshi said is not relevant. This is an issue that is at the discretion of the Afghan government. It’s […]

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Els EUA signen un acord de pau amb els talibans, 3 March 2020 A quoted from AAN’s Thomas Ruttig in the Catalan daily’s analysis of the US-Taleban agreement signed in Doha on 29 February: “Els EUA no s’han preocupat en cap moment durant les negociacions de què passarà amb la població afganesa en el futur”, adverteix Thomas Ruttig, codirector d’Afghanistan Analysts Network, un dels […]

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From Doha to Peace? Obstacles rising in the way of intra-Afghan talks

Thomas Ruttig

Two key documents to get an Afghan peace process started have been signed: the Doha “Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan” and a simultaneous bilateral United States-Afghan declaration. The two documents together are supposed to open the door for intra-Afghan peace talks, ie between the Taleban and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on 10 March. […]

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Special Envoy’s Joint Statement on the Signing of the U.S.-Taliban Agreement

Joint Statement on the Signing of the U.S.-Taliban Agreement The text of the following statement was agreed by Special Envoys and Special Representatives of the European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United Nations and the United States of America on the occasion of the signing of the U.S.-Taliban Agreement on February […]

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EE UU firma un acuerdo con los talibanes para sacar a sus tropas de Afganistán antes de 14 meses

El País, 1 March 2020 In reporting about the Afghan week of ‘reduction in violence’, the Spanish daily quotes an Afghan voice from a compilation on the AAN website: La firma ha sido posible tras la “reducción de la violencia” (ni siquiera se ha llamado tregua) de la pasada semana que los afganos han vivido […]

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ISKP fighters photographed alongside their captured weapons after their surrender to Afghan government in November 2019. (photo: Noorullah Shirzada/AFP)

Hit from Many Sides 1: Unpicking the recent victory against the ISKP in Nangrahar

Obaid Ali

In the very high mountains of Nangrahar are hiding out the last few, small groups of Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) fighters in that province. The group was driven out of their last remaining bases in Nangrahar at the end of last year. Who drove them out is, however, contested: the government, the Taleban and […]

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