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Month: March 2020

How to keep the coronavirus from hindering the peace process in Afghanistan

13 March 2020 An analysis by Prof. Barnett R Rubin, looking at factors such as the release of prisoners, ceasefire and intra-Afghan negotiations. He concludes: The pandemic makes it even more important to end the war. (…) But measures to control the spread of the pandemic could make it even more difficult to negotiate peace. […]

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The Times: We’ve beaten the US and will fight on, vow Taliban

The Times, 13 March 2020 Quotes from AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on the US-taleban deal, but behind a paywall: “Many Afghans are doubtful that the Americans will stick it out to the end,” Thomas Ruttig, of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, said. “One thing is for sure: the …”

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DLF: Afghanistan: Friedensprozess, Taliban, Truppenabzug

12 March 2020 Interview with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig with the German public broadcaster. Scroll to the date and the title shown above and click to listen to the audio (in German).

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rbb: “Die politische Krise überschattet die Friedensverhandlungen”

rbb InfoRadio, 10 March 2020 Listen to an interview with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig about the rival presidencies in Afghanistan and how they overshadow the planned (and now delayed) peace talks with the Taleban (in German).

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dpa/NZZ: Afghanistan – Vereidigung zweier Präsidentschafts-Rivalen

dpa/Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 10 March 2020 The leading German news agency quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig about the rival presidential oath takings of Ghani and Abdullah as Afghanistan’s president (in German) – reprinted in a number of Swiss, German and Austrian media: Thomas Ruttig von der Kabuler Denkfabrik Afghanistan Analysts Network sagte: „Wir wissen nicht, wie […]

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RFE/RL: ‘Tremendous Uncertainty’ As Competing Presidential Oaths Plunge Afghanistan Deeper Into Crisis

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 9 March 2020 AAN’s Ali Yawar Adili is quoted in this report about Ghani and Abdullah being at loggerheads about who is the winner of the September 2019 election: “The country has entered uncharted waters, and any move could potentially further exacerbate the situation,” said Ali Adili, a researcher at the […]

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taz: Afghanistans desolate Politik – Ein Machtkampf, zwei Präsidenten

Tageszeitung, 9 March 2020 Op-ed by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig about Ghani’s and Abdullah’s rival presidencies and their repercussions for planned peace talks with the Taleban (in German): Der Machtkampf zeigt aller Welt, dass nach 18 Jahren US-geführter Intervention Afghanistans politisches System nicht funktioniert. Die internationale Gemeinschaft entschied sich mit der Anerkennung des Wahlsiegs Ghanis, erneut […]

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Süddeutsche: Afghanistan – Ein Land, zwei Präsidenten

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 9 March 2020 One of the leading German dailies quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on the rival presidencies of Ghani and Abdullah, via dpa and AAN reporting: Der Afghanistan-Experte Thomas Ruttig von der Kabuler Denkfabrik Afghanistan Analysts Network sagte der Nachrichtenagentur dpa hingegen: “Wir wissen nicht, wie die Wahl wirklich ausgegangen ist.” Hätte man […]

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Bollywood’s ‘Great Betrayal’ of Afghanistan: “Panipat” and the cost of vilifying Ahmad Shah Durrani

Fabrizio Foschini

Panipat: The Great Betrayal”, out in Indian cinemas since December 2019, is just the latest in a string of recent Bollywood movies that feature Afghans in the role of arch-villains, in this case Ahmad Shah Durrani, often described as the founder of the modern Afghan state. The historical revisionism and stereotyping of Afghans seen in the film have sparked protests […]

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Diario Vasco & La Rioja: El Gobierno de Kabul se fractura a las puertas de la negociación con los talibanes

El Diario Vasco and La Rioja, 9 March 2020 The two Spanish local dailies quote AAN’s Ali Yawar Adili on the rival presidencies in Afghanistan, apparently taking it from the RFE/RL Gandhara blog but not attributing the source: «Se trata de un problema más que personal entre los dos políticos y deberían solucionarlo y llegar […]

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A Secret Accord With the Taliban – When and How the U.S. Would Leave Afghanistan

8 March 2020 US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has confirmed that the US-Taleban agreement concluded in Doha in late February has two secret annexes. he called them “military implementation documents.” They are only accessible to members of the US Congress who cannot divulge their content. The Times, nonetheless, compiles what is known and what can […]

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Reformatorisch Dagblad: Taliban hebben reden voor feestje

Reformatorisch Dagblad, 6 March 2020 The Dutch newspaper quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig, apparently both from AAN research and from his German blog, on the US-taleban deal and the impact of the Ghani-Abdullah presidency dispute: Een bizarre situatie, oordeelt Thomas Ruttig van het Afghanistan Analyst [sic] Network (AAN) in Kabul. Temeer omdat de overeenkomst verstrekkende gevolgen […]

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