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Month: May 2019

Rug Weavers and Bride Prices in the Northwest: Still expensive in spite of government and Taleban rules

Obaid Ali

Weddings in Afghanistan are often an expensive and ‘back-breaking’ affair. A government law to change the expensive wedding culture remains largely unimplemented and there seems to be little will to enforce it. The Taleban have also imposed an assortment of rules for controlling wedding costs in areas under their command, which vary depending on the […]

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Buon compleanno Emergency: una mostra per 25 anni al fianco delle vittime di guerra


La Repubblica, 10 May 2019 In this article of the Italian daily about a photo exhibition on the occasion of Italian medical NGO Emergency – which runs one of the most important hospitals in Kabul – AAN colleague Fabrizio Foschini is mentioned as a moderator of the opening of the show.  

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One Land, Two Rules (5): The polio vaccination gap

Jelena Bjelica

While researching the delivery of health, education and other services in districts affected by the insurgency, we found that three of our featured districts, in Helmand, Nangrahar and Kunduz provinces, had seen cases of polio leading to paralysis in the last five years. There is no cure for polio, but there is an effective vaccination, […]

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Gewalt in Afghanistan hält an: Friedens-Loja-Dschirga ohne Wirkung

Thomas Ruttig

Tageszeitung, 5 May 2019 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig’s summary of the Consultative Peace Loya Jirga in Kabul: “After the Loya Jirga, the government in Kabul still does not operate from a position of strength, but of partial – internal and external – isolation, with much of the political opposition boycotting the jirga, the Taleban denouncing it […]

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War, drought, diplomatic rifts deepen Afghanistan’s water crisis


al-Jazeera, 5 May 2019 “The potential of regional conflict is high and investing in water management is crucial for Afghanistan’s security. While most of the country’s international partners are reluctant to make such costly, long-term investments that bring little profit, the government is increasingly seeing water as a security issue. If “hydro-diplomacy” continues to be put high […]

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[Afghans in the] Refugee crisis in Sri Lanka after the Easter Sunday bombings


Groundviews, 4 May 2019 Read this reportage by a local human rights activists about the appalling situation of refugees from Muslim countries, among them Afghanistan, after the IS-inspired Easter terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka: “House owners also told me mobs had threatened to destroy their houses if they hosted refugee families. This led to about […]

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The End of the Jirga: Strong Words and Not Much Controversy

Kate Clark Ali Yawar Adili Ehsan Qaane

The Consultative Peace Loya Jirga has ended in Kabul with reports back from the fifty committees of delegates, a speech from President Ghani and a communiqué which he said is now the government’s ‘roadmap’. Key points emerging from the jirga were calls for an ‘intra-Afghan’ dialogue with the Afghan government in charge, for a ceasefire and […]

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