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Month: June 2018

Taliban refuse to extend truce with Afghan forces

Thomas Ruttig

Guardian, 17 June 2018 A short quote from AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on why the Taleban ordered their fighters to return from government-controlled areas on day two of their Eid ceasefire: “Of course the leadership might fear some of them just stay,” said Thomas Ruttig, of the Afghan [sic] Analysts Network (AAN). What was not quoted: […]

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Fruit Sellers in Kabul before Eid. Photo: Obaid Ali 2018

Eid Mubarak from AAN to All Our Readers

AAN Team

The AAN team would like to wish a joyful and peaceful Eid al Fitr to friends and readers, to all Muslims around the world and particularly to the people of Afghanistan. This year, as the Eid ceasefire in Afghanistan begins, there will be more space for festivities around the country. As AAN has reported before, Afghans celebrate the […]

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The new counter-narcotics law stipulates that the confiscated drugs can either be converted to medicine or sold to one of the countries that has INCB licence. But, Afghanistan may face many obstacles in implementation of this provision, including a low seizure levels. Photo: Andrew Quilty; Helmand province, 2015.

How to Fight the Booming Opiate Economy? Harsher and progressive laws, but to no avail

Jelena Bjelica

The opiate economy, as measured by the farm-gate value of opium, together with revenues from heroin production and trafficking of opiates to the Afghan borders, has become a crucial component of the Afghan economy, a recently released UNODC socio-economic survey found. This has evolved after years of increasing opium cultivation in the country. But, what […]

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Counting the cost of Trump’s air war in Afghanistan

Sudhansu Verma

BBC, 7 June 2018. This Afghan Air Force attack on 2 April in north-eastern Kunduz province killed at least 36 people and injured 71, the UN says. Although witnesses said Taliban fighters and senior figures were in the crowd, 30 of those killed were children. Although the Afghan government said the strikes targeted senior Taliban […]

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Call for Bids (or Proposals) Website Design, Development, Hosting and Maintenance for the Afghanistan Analysts Network

Sudhansu Verma

The Afghanistan Analysts Network is a non-profit, independent policy research organisation, established in 2009. It aims to bring together the knowledge, experience and drive of experts to better inform policy and to increase the understanding of Afghan realities. It is driven by engagement and curiosity and is committed to producing independent, high quality and research-based […]

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Girls and boys from Nawaabad school singing the national anthem to welcome the protesters to Ghazni city. (2018: the peace marchers)

Peace (hopefully) for a few days: A ceasefire for Eid as Helmand marchers approach Kabul

Ali Mohammad Sabawoon

Afghans may, just possibly, have a happier Eid than in previous years. The government, the Taleban and the United States military have all called temporary ceasefires. Meanwhile, seven marchers for peace, who set off from Helmand on 13 May have been walking towards Kabul in temperatures of more than 40 degrees while keeping the Ramadan […]

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Why Farah?  A short history of the local insurgency (II)

Thomas Ruttig

The Taleban have been a persistent and growing force in Farah since 2001, rebuilding their strength quietly after the US invasion and then seizing territory in remote districts. Insurgents now challenge pro-government figures for control of valuable trade and smuggling routes, assisted by the disarray among their opponents as the provincial government is hobbled by […]

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AAN’s Francesc Vendrell and Thomas Ruttig on reaching out to Taliban in 2000 – June 2018. Episode: 1

AAN Guests

AAN’s co-director Kate Clark in discussion with Chairman of AAN’s advisory board and also, the Former UN and EU Special Representative for Afghanistan Francesc Vendrell and AAN’s co-director Thomas Ruttig. Both Francesc and Thomas were part of the UN mission before 9/11 and they share their experience of reaching out to Taliban for peace talks.  

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Surrounding the Cities: The meaning of the latest battle for Farah (I)

Ali Mohammad Sabawoon Obaid Ali Rohullah Sorush Thomas Ruttig

An attack on Farah city had long been feared. For years now, the Taleban have been taking control of the provincial capital’s outlying districts and inching their way towards the central hub. For a few days in mid-May, it looked as though the Taleban were about to take Farah city, which would have been their […]

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Multi-panel discussion at the U.S. Institute of Peace

Sudhansu Verma

The Long Search for Peace in Afghanistan – Top-Down and Bottom-Up Efforts AAN’s co-director Kate Clark will be speaking at the the U.S. Institute of Peace on Thursday, June 7 during a multi-panel discussion on practical steps for the search for peace in Afghanistan. The event will examine the issue from two crucial perspectives: the top-down effort […]

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How to End the Afghan War? A new publication on peace reviewed

Kate Clark

A new short book-length report, “Incremental peace in Afghanistan” looks at what is needed to end the Afghan conflict. It explores the many drivers towards the war continuing – external backing for both sides, the war economy and basic persisting disputes about power-sharing – but also details what could drive a peace process – the […]

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