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Month: April 2018

12 new electoral commissioners (seven for the IEC and five for the EEC), sworn into office on 22 November 2017, are now facing demands for their dismissal. IEC chairman Najibullah Ahmadzai (second from the left) has already been dismissed. Photo: Presidential Palace

AAN’s Ali Yawar Adili discusses the preparations for the elections in Afghanistan. Episode: 2 – March 2018

Ali Yawar Adili

AAN’s Ali Yawar Adili discusses the various dynamics related to the preparation of elections in Afghanistan.  

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Climbing on China’s Priority List: Views on Afghanistan from Beijing

Thomas Ruttig

Since the never completed withdrawal of NATO troops in Afghanistan, China has become more involved in one of its most conflictive neighbour’s affairs. It has offered to connect the country with its multi-billion dollar project, the Belt and Road Initiative, which includes the so-called Chinese-Pakistan Economic Corridor. AAN’s co-director Thomas Ruttig has found – after […]

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An ICC Delay: Court postpones decision on whether to investigate war crimes in Afghanistan

Kate Clark

The International Criminal Court has announced a delay in deciding whether or not to authorise an investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity by American and Afghan government forces and Taleban and other insurgent groups in Afghanistan. A decision had been expected during the last month, but a routine changeover of the Court’s judges […]

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Afghan, Pakistani leaders meet after air strike allegation

Thomas Ruttig

Reuters, 6 April 2018 A short quote from AAN’s Thomas Ruttig in this Reuters report about the meeting between Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in Kabul, against the backdrop of Pakistani cross-border air strikes in Kunar: Such an incident is a rare departure from the norm of cross-border shelling, said […]

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Kunduz madrassa attack: Losing the moral high ground

Thomas Ruttig

al-Jazeera, 5 April 2018 Op-ed by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig at the English website of the Qatar-based TV station, saying: … even if a high number of Taliban commanders had been present, and even if they had held a war council there, hiding among civilians – firing at such a crowd does, according to the Geneva Convention, […]

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Blackwater’s Dark Prince Returns (and wants to privatize and shrink the conflict in Afghanistan)


Forbes, 4 April 2018 [Eric] Prince’s eyes dart around as if he’s on guard while he shares the early framework of his Afghanistan proposal. It revolves around a private force of 6,000 contractors, supplemented by 2,000 U.S. special operations troops and support personnel, who would embed with local Afghan units. Air power would be led […]

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A group of Afghan refugees protesting in the yard of the Balikpapan Immigration Detention Centre in Indonesia. Credit: Ehsanullah Sahil

Pressure to return? Afghan refugees protest at Indonesian detention centre

Amy Pitonak

Afghan refugees in an Indonesian detention centre have been protesting for over two months. As is the case for most Afghan refugees in the country, they must live in centres scattered across the 16,000 or so islands, although they have been granted refugee status by UNHCR. AAN guest author Amy Pitonak (*) spoke to Afghan […]

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