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Month: December 2017

Narges Nehan, President Ghani's nominee for the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, was the only one among twelve minister candidates who was denied a vote of confidence by the Afghan lower house on 6 December 2017. Here, when she was introduced as acting minister in March 2017. Photo: ToloNews

Afghanistan Has Now a Constitutional Cabinet: Eleven minister candidates received votes of confidence

AAN Team Thomas Ruttig

For almost a year, more than half of Afghanistan’s cabinet members were in an acting minister capacity only, putting their legitimacy into question. In late November 2017, the President finally had 12 minister candidates introduced to parliament. They faced votes of confidence on 4 December 2017. All but one – the only woman – passed. […]

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Madina, The 6-Year-Old Afghan Girl Who Will Never See London


AFP, 9 December 2017 The heartbreaking-story of the Afghan girl that was crushed by a train at the Serbian-Croatian border when her family desperately tried to enter Europa that is more-and-more self-insulating against refugees.

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Kuja Meri? Joel van Houdt’s street photo exhibition on Afghan migration

Jelena Bjelica

Joel van Houdt, an independent Dutch photojournalist, who lived in Afghanistan for several years, has recently returned to Kabul to exhibit his photography on Afghan migration. The exhibition, entitled “Kuja meri? – Where are you going?”, comprises a series of about 50 photos that focus entirely on Afghanistan’s refugees and is displayed on the outer […]

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America Can’t Win the Drug War in Afghanistan


The National Interest, 5 December 2017 The US magazine has a short quote (and a link to) AAN’s recent analysis of the UNODC opium survey: An evaluation of the UN report from the Afghan Analysis Network aptly concluded that opium is “a low-risk crop in a high-risk environment.”

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Afghanistan in Two Charts (Bombs dropped over Afghanistan)


Mother Jones, 5 December 2017 The US magazine has processed US CENTCOM data into interesting charts. In the accompanying text, AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted: “The U.S. military is becoming less transparent, and it’s a pity because they had worked really hard — and succeeded — in reducing civilian casualties,” said Kate Clark, co-director of […]

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Ministry of Finance says next year’s budget is committed to focussing Afghanistan’s “declining resources” on priority areas such as education. Photo: schoolchildren in Nad Ali, Helmand 2010, ISAF)

The 2018 Afghan National Budget: Confronting hard realities by accelerating reforms

Bill Byrd Kate Clark

Afghanistan’s budget for the next financial year, 1397/2018, is markedly different from previous ones. This is a budget written to ‘international standards’, giving more information, both on 2018 and earlier years, as well as future projections, with detail at the level of ministry, project and province. The Ministry of Finance has tried to be realistic […]

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U.S. airstrikes rise sharply in Afghanistan — and so do civilian deaths


Los Angeles Times, 4 December 2017 This article tells the story of civilian casualties causes by an US airstrike in Nangrahar province – which is denied by the US military – and looks at current trends in the US air war in Afghanistan. AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted about that: “The U.S. military is becoming […]

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AAN in Berlin (4 December 2017): The Afghanistan Rumour Kitchen

Thomas Ruttig

rumours about_Afghanistan: is the name of a Berlin anti-deportation initiative, based on the title of a campaign the German Embassy launched last year via social media and large-format posters in Kabul and Mazar-e Sharif in order to persuade Afghans not to leave their country and come to Germany. Two days before Germany’s planned eight deportation […]

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Afghanistan mer osäkert: ”Allt fler civila dödas”


Svenska Dagbladet, 2 December 2017 AAN is quoted on the records levels of civilian casualties in this article by the leading Swedish daily, but it is behind a pay wall. Och i juli rapporterade organisationen Afghanistan Analysts Network, AAN, att antalet civila offer ligger på ”rekordnivåer”…

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European return policies: No Safety in Numbers


ECRE, 1 December 2017 This links to a policy note by ECRE (the European Council on Refugees and Exiles, a NGO umbrella organisation) analysing EU return policies and a Case Study on returns to Afghanistan identifying the risks, and the ethical, legal and political implications of a narrow focus on increasing the number of returns in general and […]

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Россию обвинили в тренировке афганских боевиков для Сирии Далее


Рамблер (Rambler), 1 December 2017 The Russian news website quotes AAN on Afghan fighters in Syria: Независимая некоммерческая исследовательская организация Afghanistan Analysts Network обвинила Россию в подготовке спонсируемых Ираном шиитских боевиков в Сирии. Об этом говорится в докладе, опубликованном на  сайте организации. По утверждению Afghanistan Analysts Network, свидетельства того, что боевики из Афганистана и Пакистана тренируются в России, сами бойцы оставляют в соцсетях. (…) Это сообщение, как считают в Afghanistan […]

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