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Month: November 2017

Dari Or Farsi? Afghanistan’s Long-Simmering Language Dispute


RFE/RL, 7 November 2017 AAN’s Ali Yawar Adili is quoted on a politicised conflict over linguistic terminology in Afghanistan that has flared up recently again: Ali Adili, a researcher at Afghanistan Analysts Network, an independent think tank in Kabul, says many see the BBC name change as a continuation of this policy. “Afghan Persian speakers […]

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Civilian victims of a Taleban attack in Daulatabad, Faryab, June 2014. Will an investigation lead to justice for victims like these? Credit: Pajhwok Afghan news

One Step Closer to War Crimes Trials (2): ICC Prosecutor requests authorisation to investigate

Ehsan Qaane Kate Clark

International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda has requested judicial authorisation to open an investigation into crimes allegedly committed in connection to the Afghan armed conflict. If the judges of the court’s Pre-Trial Chamber agree, there could now be investigations of the Taleban for many types of war crimes and crimes against humanity, and Afghan […]

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Leben mit dem Terror: “In Afghanistan sind nicht nur die Taliban das Problem”

Thomas Ruttig

SRF, 4 November 2017 Listen to the audio (in German) of an interview with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig by Swiss radio’s main evening news programme, explaining the context of the latest wave of Taleban attacks in Afghanistan. There is also a shorter version in print (so better listen to the audio).

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A Son of Nangrahar Paints the Sea: Afghan artwork from Guantanamo

Kate Clark

As an art exhibition featuring the works of eight current and former Guantanamo detainees, Yemeni, Algerian, Pakistani and Kuwaiti, is now showing in New York, we thought we would look at the paintings and sculptures of an Afghan who is still in the prison camp, who is not featured in the exhibition. Assad (known in […]

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Outrage at video of Afghan colonel sexually exploiting woman


The Guardian, 2 November 2017 The Afghan ‘Weinstein’ affair: a graphic video apparently showing a military officer sexually exploiting a woman who had asked for a promotion triggers several women to speak out: that it has not been the first time the accused had do so; that government institutions in general do little to fight harassment […]

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Blaming the Afghan War Failure on — Russia

Thomas Ruttig

Global Research, 1 November 2017 The Canada-based Centre of Research on Globalization quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on recent media reports that Russia had supplied weapons to the Taleban: But many of the Russian weapons in the hands of the Taliban date back to Russia’s own misadventure in Afghanistan in the 1980s, according to one small […]

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Anschlag in Kabul

Thomas Ruttig

Tageszeitung, 1 November 2017 Op-ed by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig in the Berlin daily, summarising the details of the IS-claimed terrorist attack in Kabul’s Wazir Akbar Khan before an RTA office and raises the question what the IS claim of responsibility is worth, given that the Taleban declared employees of two Tv stations (1TV and Tolo) […]

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