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Month: October 2017

Remembering Nancy Hatch Dupree 2: Nancy in the words of others

AAN Team

It is 40 days since the historian, archivist and activist on behalf of Afghans, Nancy Hatch Dupree, died, aged 89. She had spent decades of her life in Afghanistan or, like many Afghans, in exile in neighbouring Pakistan. She was the author of guidebooks on Afghanistan and a publisher of books. Then, first with her […]

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Nancy and Louis dance together in pre-war Kabul. The couple worked till 5 pm each day and then opened their doors to all, as Nancy described: "The 5 o'clock follies were born and became an institution that lasted for many years.”

Remembering Nancy Hatch Dupree 1: Nancy in her own words

AAN Team

It is 40 days since the historian, archivist and activist on behalf of Afghans, Nancy Hatch Dupree, died, aged 89. As a tribute to this remarkable woman, we are publishing two pieces. The first is an interview which Nancy gave in 2007 to Markus Hakansson for a book authored by Nancy and published by the […]

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Satellite image of Bahramcha crossing point located in Helmand’s remote Dishu district. Photo: Google Maps

Jihadi Commuters: How the Taleban cross the Durand Line

Borhan Osman Fazl Rahman Muzhary

The Taleban use Pakistan as a sanctuary: most of the movement’s leaders are settled there and it is the movement’s preferred place for training, meeting and as a rear base. It is also the prime destination for ‘rest and recuperation’ (R&R) and the rehabilitation of wounded fighters. But how do the Taleban move between the […]

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Mer kunskap krävs om ensamkommande unga

Thomas Ruttig

Dagens Samhälle, 13 October 2017 The Swedish newspaper, in an extensive article on its website, quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on the place of Hazaras in the current Afghan state and the character of still existent discrimination: Thomas Ruttig från den respekterade Afghanistanbaserade tankesmedjan Afghan Analyst Network [sic] menar till exempel att hazarerna har en stor […]

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After the deadly truck bomb that hit Kabul on 31 May 2017. Photo: Andrew Quilty

UNAMA Documents Slight Decrease in Civilian Casualties: Indications of new trends in the Afghan war

Kate Clark

There has been a six per cent decrease in the number of civilians killed and wounded in the conflict this year compared to the first nine months of 2016 – a year which saw record highs in civilian harm. The latest UNAMA report on civilian casualties provides, as always, sobering statistics of how Afghan civilians are being […]

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Two of Mehwar leaders, former NDS chief Nabil and former transport minister Najafi, along with other participants standing for national anthem during Mehwar's inauguration ceremony in Kabul on 16 July 2017. Credit: Mehwar

Mehwar-e Mardom-e Afghanistan: New opposition group with an ambiguous link to Karzai

Ali Yawar Adili

 A new political group called ‘Mehwar-e Mardom-e Afghanistan’ has emerged in Afghanistan’s crowded political field. It presents itself as being in opposition to the National Unity Government and has called for “a return to the constitution.” The group has been seen from the outset as pro-Karzai. He, meanwhile, seems to have intensified his attempts (once […]

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Physiotherapist Lorena Enebral Perez was killed by a patient on 11 September 2017. For the ICRC, it appears to have been the last straw. They have now decided to “drastically” scale back their operations in the north of Afghanistan. Credit: ICRC

Working in a ‘Grey Zone’: ICRC forced to scale back its work in Afghanistan

Kate Clark

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has said it has “no other choice but to drastically reduce its presence and activities in Afghanistan, in particular in the north of the country.” The decision follows three attacks on its staff in less than a year, including the worst suffered by the organisation worldwide in […]

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Thematic Dossier XVI: Afghanistan’s War Crimes Amnesty and the International Criminal Court

AAN Team

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is currently pondering whether to open an investigation into war crimes committed in Afghanistan since 2003, allegedly by the Taleban, the American military and CIA and Afghan government forces. In order to provide context to this possible investigation, AAN is publishing a dossier that brings together our reporting on amnesty […]

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Afghanistan: Mehr Luftangriffe und mehr Soldaten für den Versöhnungsprozess

Thomas Ruttig

Telepolis, 5 October 2017 The German political blog quotes from Thomas Ruttig’s German blog Afghanistan Zhaghdablai and AAN’s guest dispatch by Franz J. Marty, about the Afghan special forces, in an article about the new US strategy for Afghanistan, summarised, ironically, as “more air strikes and more soldiers for the reconciliation process.”

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ISIS attacks Shiites, but Afghans resist push to make conflict religious


Christian Science Monitor, 5 October 2017 In this article about latest sectarian IS terror attacks in Afghanistan, AAN, from recent dispatches, and Obaid Ali are  quoted several times: Shiite mosques have been targeted at least seven times since mid-2016, with five such attacks this year, according to a tabulation by the Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN). Among other non-mosque […]

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ANASOC National Mission Brigade inauguration at 31 July 2017. Photo: Franz J. Marty.

Expanding Afghanistan’s Special Operations Forces: Doubling their success or further diluting their mission?

Franz J Marty

One of the key elements of the Afghan government’s Road Map for pushing back the insurgency is increasing the fighting capabilities of Afghan government forces. This includes the expansion of the Afghan National Army’s (ANA) praised special operations forces. However, this expansion is spurring already existing tendencies that are turning these units into shock troops, […]

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