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Month: September 2017

„Die Lage in Afghanistan ist zum Steinerweichen“

Thomas Ruttig

Stuttgarter Zeitung, 6 September 2017 The Stuttgart-based daily’s long interview with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig (in German) on the current situation in Afghanistan, on Trump’s Afghanistan strategy, recent reports of Kabul government-Taleban contacts and more.

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Afghan civilians count cost of renewed US air campaign

Thomas Ruttig

The Guardian, 4 September 2017 The Guardian, exploring he question what impact an intensified US air campaign under Trump in Afghanistan will have on the population, among other quotes AAN’s Thomas Ruttig: “If civilian casualties continue rising, sooner or later at least sections of the population will not be happy about the government not being […]

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I due psicologi delle torture Cia


Il Manifesto, 2 September 2017 The Italian left-wing daily covers Kate Clark’s report for AAN about the two CIA contractors who developed the torture programme used in Afghanistan and a court verdict now opening the chance for compensation for victims and their families (in Italian, behind pay wall).

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Happy Eid … اختر مو مبارک/عید مبارک

AAN Team

اختر مو مبارک/عید مبارک دافغانستان د تحلیل ګرانو شبکه د نیکمرغه لوي اختر د راسیدو له امله د افغانستان مسلمان ولس ته دزړه له کومي مبارکی وایي. هیله ده چي دلوي اختر له برګته په افغانستان ګی سولي، ثبات او روروالي تینګ شي شبکه تحلیل گران افغانستان فرا رسیدن عید قربان به مردم متدین و […]

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