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Month: November 2016

Afghan Exodus: Notes from a Belgrade squat

Martine van Bijlert Jelena Bjelica

The number of migrants, many of them Afghan, in Serbia has been steadily growing in the second half of 2016. More people continue to arrive, while departures have largely stagnated due to Hungary and Croatia tightening their border controls. As a result, Serbia is faced with a growing number of people on its soil who […]

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Does an ICC investigation into US abuses in Afghanistan matter?


TRT World, 30 November 2016 The Turkish state media company looks at the issue of a possible ICC investigation on war crimes in Afghanistan, including those allegedly committed by US forces and quotes AAN colleague Ehsan Qaana who has published about this issue: Ehsan Qaane, an analyst at the Afghanistan Analyst [sic] Network, a Kabul-based […]

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AAN’s Thomas Ruttig at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs


Afghanistan’s Uncertain Future: Fragmented Realities and Geopolitical Fault Lines Afghanistan’s political landscape can be characterized as a patchwork of contending ethnic factions and ever-shifting alliances. The security situation in Afghanistan remains extremely fluid and the insurgency shows no signs of abating. Afghanistan finds itself in the midst of a modern version of the historical Great […]

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AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on the new US administration’s possible approach to Afghanistan and Pakistan. (November, 2016)

Thomas Ruttig

The first episode of the Gandhara Podcast about the new US administration’s possible approach to Afghanistan and Pakistan, with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig, Woodrow Wilson School’s Michael Kugelmann, Gandhara’s Abu Bakr Siddique and host Muhammad Taher.  

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AAN’s Thomas Ruttig discusses ‘Hopes and Realities in Afghanistan’ at The Peace Research Institute Oslo (September, 2016)

Thomas Ruttig

Afghanistan has received less attention by the international community after the withdrawal of foreign troops in 2014. However, an increasing conflict level and civilian casualties, internal differences in the government, the presence of ISIS in the country and the thousands of Afghan refugees coming to Europe has put Afghanistan firmly back on the agenda. Afghanistan […]

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Power Struggle Continues Inside Afghan Government

Thomas Ruttig

The Diplomat, 28 November 2016 In this article about the Afghan parliament dismissing seven ministers, the analysis of AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted: As Thomas Ruttig notes in his analysis for the Afghanistan Analysts Network, there are several levels of conflict involved. There’s the overarching conflict between President Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, and likewise […]

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Politisk kaos truer Afghanistans regering

Thomas Ruttig

Information, 26 November 2016 The Danish daily reports about the recent Afghan cabinet crisis, when parliament voted out six ministers. It quotes from Thomas Ruttig’s AAN dispatch on the subject: Ifølge Afghanistan-ekspert Thomas Ruttig fra Afghanistan Analyst [sic] Network (AAN) er det uklart, hvem der har taget intiativ til at begære ministrene fyret. Er det […]

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Sicher ist: Afghanistan ist es nicht

Thomas Ruttig

Al-Sharq (blog), 23 November 2016 The Middle East-focussed and Berlin-based journalists’ blog reports on a recent event in Berlin organised by itself in cooperation with refugees associations and other groups. At the event, Thomas Ruttig spoke about the subject “How safe is Afghanistan – and who says so?”. (In German)

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Carnage in Ghor: Was Islamic State the perpetrator or was it falsely accused? 

Borhan Osman

The Islamic State, holed up in a few districts in eastern Afghanistan, has suddenly popped up in a faraway western province, Ghor – at least according to provincial officials. They blamed IS for the massacre in October 2016 of more than 30 civilians. Digging deeper into the incident, AAN’s Borhan Osman found that the IS […]

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Ist Afghanistan wirklich sicher genug? Kritik an geplanten Rückführungen nach Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig

ARD/MDR, 22 November 2016 FAKT, the political magazine in Germany’s prime network, discusses the security situation in Afghanistan – the government says it is safe enough to return rejected asylum seekers, others – including AAN’s Thomas Ruttig, quoted here – doubt this. Watch the 10 minutes-long video (in German).

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Study Finds Hindus, Sikhs Have No Place In Afghan Legal System ‎


Tolo News, 19 November 2016 A study by Kabul-based Pursesh Study and Research Organization shows that Hindus living in Afghanistan have been discriminated against and that their rights are not entrenched in the country’s constitution. According to the study, the Hindus’ rights are being violated in a number of ways including that regarding the confiscation of their […]

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Picture shows former president Karzai with his hands raised to calm the crowd, flanked by among others Ustad Sayyaf.

Post-Presidential Karzai: Still a challenge to the NUG?

Ali Yawar Adili

Hamid Karzai may have handed over the reigns of power in September 2014, but his influence on Afghanistan’s politics did not end. His calls for a Loya Jirga, as the National Unity Government approached its two-year anniversary, represented a danger to that government. However, political groups and influential individuals, even those who had previously been […]

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