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Month: September 2016

In Search for Power, Afghanistan’s Hazara Community Vows to Fight On

Thomas Ruttig

The Wire, 2 September 2016 This article in an Indian web magazin with the self-explanatory title has some quotes from AAN’s Thomas Ruttig: Thomas Ruttig, co-director of AAN, noted that the Enlightening Movement was certainly the largest social protest movement in terms of its mobilisation, but “there is also the issue of ethnic politicking, political […]

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KABUL, Aug 15, 2015: A view of a large shop which sells items wholesale in Mandawi market in Kabul. Photo: PAJHWOK/Bais

Afghanistan’s Government Revenue: Continuing robust growth in the face of economic weakness

Bill Byrd M Khalid Payenda

The Afghan government has continued to increase the amount it collects in revenue – by 22 per cent last year and 33 per cent in the first six months of this year. This revenue growth well exceeded expectations and projections. Thirty-seven per cent of the total revenue increase in the first half of 2016 was […]

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