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Month: January 2016

Framework for peace will need to convince Afghan people and Taliban

Thomas Ruttig

Stars and Stripes, 19 January 2016 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted twice here about the latest quadrilateral peace (or better: preparatory) talks in Islamabad, the first one reacting to a question about foreign minister Rabbani’s statement that that “the Afghan public will not accept an open-ended process”: Thomas Ruttig, co-founder of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, […]

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Police And Militia Corruption Aids Taliban In [Faryab]


Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 19 January 2016 Another case study on a recurrent but worrying theme: On paper, nearly 30,000 policemen and pro-government militiamen are tasked with protecting the province of Faryab from Taliban fighters, whose robust summer offensive threatened to claim the strategic area on Turkmenistan’s border. In reality, few of the policemen and […]

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AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on the need of a comprehensive talks for stability in Afghanistan– January, 2016

Thomas Ruttig

Thomas Rutig, co-director of Afghanistan Analysts Network, told Radio Sputnik that in order to end the 14 year-old war, there is a need of comprehensive talks, which would involve major players in the region.

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The IEC Announces 2016 Election Date – but what about electoral reform?

Martine van Bijlert

In a brief press conference on Monday 18 January 2016, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced the date for Afghanistan’s next vote: 15 October 2016. But the preparations for the elections – for the lower house of parliament and, for the first time, district councils – are complicated by ongoing controversies over the legitimacy of the […]

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Ghzni Prison. Credit: Tolo News

Ghazni Jailbreak: Where the government failed and its enemy succeeded

Fazl Rahman Muzhary

Taleban fighters broke into the Ghazni jail and freed hundreds of inmates, including key Taleban commanders, in the early morning of 14 September 2015. It was the ninth spectacular jailbreak since 2001, but the Ghazni jailbreak was different than most of them: better planned and with more fighters. The government forces, on the other hand, […]

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Islamic State attack claim signals escalation by group in Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig

Stars and Stripes, 14 January 2016 Quotes from AAN’s Thomas Ruttig in this article about the IS claim for the suicide attack against the Pakistani consulate in Jalalabad: If the Jalalabad attack proves to have been carried out by Islamic State militants, it would be significant, said Thomas Ruttig, co-director of the Afghan Analysts Network. […]

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An Afghan tool to harvest opium 'latex'. Photo: (c) Andrew Weir.

On the Cultural History of Opium – and how poppy came to Afghanistan

Doris Buddenberg

Mention drugs or Google the word ‘opium’ and the link to Afghanistan will never be far away. No wonder, since over the last few decades, Afghanistan has become the largest opium producer in the world. But where did opium come from, how did it spread and what are its cultural expressions? AAN co-director Thomas Ruttig […]

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Neuer Anlauf zu Friedensplan für Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig

dpa, sda, ATA/Der Standard, BaslerZeitung etc, 11 January 2016 Quotes by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on today’s quadrilateral Afghanistan talks in Pakistan to prepare a new round of talks with the Taleban: Der Afghanistan-Analyst Thomas Ruttig sagte, es sei falsch, die Taliban als “Marionetten Pakistans” anzusehen. Da seien zwar Abhängigkeiten aus der Vergangenheit, aber die Taliban […]

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Etats-Unis et Chine au chevet de la paix en Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig

Le Monde, 11 January 2016 In this backgrounder on attempts to revive peace talks, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is briefly quoted (in French, full article for subscribers only): “Les talibans ont aussi dénoncé les négociations en juillet parce qu’ils avaient été assurés que la rencontre ne serait pas rendue publique, ce qui a probablement été fait par […]

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The new Taliban leader whose shadow hangs over Afghan peace talks

Thomas Ruttig

Washington Post, 10 January 2016 Some quotes on Taleban leader Mullah Mansur and peace talks by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig: Mansour became Omar’s right-hand man “kind of by default,” said Thomas Ruttig, co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network. Again, however, Mansour proved surprisingly proficient. “He effectively led the Taliban during a very complicated time, which was […]

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The Taliban’s Rare Winter Offensive In Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig

RFE/RL, 8 January 2016 A short quote from AAN’s Thomas Ruttig, on the subject, in this article by Frud Bezhan. More on Thomas’ website, in English and German, here. “The Taliban keep themselves open to different scenarios,” said Thomas Ruttig, co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, an independent think tank in Kabul. “One, taking over […]

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