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Month: November 2015

“Geht der Exodus weiter, wäre das verheerend”

Thomas Ruttig

Tagesanzeiger, 10 November 2015 Interview with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig (not online) about the refugee question, discussing the volatile security situation, particularly after the Taleban take-over of Kunduz, and the dire economic situation – emphasising that both reasons to become a refugee are difficult to divide from each other.

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America lost in Afghanistan: Anatomy of a foreign policy disaster

AAN, 6 November 2015 Ann Jones, in her long piece about the aftermath of Kunduz and the US ‘phyrrhic’ victory in Afghanistan, links to the AAN website, for the full text of the agreement on the National Unity Government. 

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Afghan Taliban splinter faction picks rival leader in challenge to new chief


The Telegraph, 5 November 2015 AAN’s Borhan Osman is quoted on a Taleban rival faction electing its leader, Mullah Mohammad Rasul: It is the first official split in the once-unified Taliban, making the announcement “significant symbolically, politically, and historically for the movement”. according to Borhan Osman, an analyst with the Afghanistan Analysts Network.

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A 36-Year Wait for Justice? Dutch arrest suspected Afghan war criminal

Kate Clark

The Dutch police have arrested an Afghan Dutchman on suspicion of war crimes. Sadeq Alamyar has been accused of involvement in one of the worst atrocities of the Afghan war: the killing of hundreds of men and boys in the village of Kerala in Kunar province by an elite unit, on the night of 19-20 […]

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ISIL won’t get very far in Afghanistan – for now [and] The Afghan battlefield has become more complicated


al-Jazeera, 1 November 2015 Two eminences – Barnett Rubin and Ahmad Rashid – on Daesh/ISIS/ISIL in Afghanistan. (Rubin calls it his “best guess” in his roundmail.) The link above leads to Barney’s article; Ahmed Rashid’s is here.

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