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Month: June 2015

Bala Hissar and city of Caubul with the British cantonments from the 'Ba Maroo' Hill

The Folly of Double Government: Lessons from the First Anglo-Afghan War for the 21st century

AAN Team

The latest AAN report, “The Folly of Double Government: Lessons from the First Anglo-Afghan War for the 21st Century” by guest author Noah Arjomand, revisits Britain’s attempt at state-building in Afghanistan from 1839-1841. The disastrous British retreat from Kabul in January 1842 and the subsequent British pillage of the Afghan capital are well-known events that […]

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The Failed Pilot Test: Kunduz’ local governance crisis

Bethany Matta

The fighting in Kunduz is only one side of the problem. Also issues not related to security are in disarray. Health care, education, agriculture, reconstruction – all are on hold and do not receive much attention from the newly established top level of local authorities. This, AAN guest author Bethany Matta argues, has much to […]

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The 2015 Insurgency in the North: Case studies from Kunduz and Sar-e Pul provinces

Obaid Ali

Kunduz and Sar-e Pul have both been staging grounds for the Taleban’s first major onslaughts of the ‘spring offensive’ that they launched in late April – the first under massive public scrutiny, the second a lesser-known example of the same dynamics. In both provinces, the insurgents managed to get close to the provincial centres, at […]

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Aynak copper mine extraction project not in Afghanistan’s interest


Khaama, 3 June 2015 This is what Afghanistan’s new Mining and Petroleum Minister Daud Shah Saba told the Lower House of the Parliament – and would be a major shift in Afghan politics. “Saba said he will refrain from the signing of the contract with previous terms and conditions. He said there have been no progress […]

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Unzufriedene Studenten sympathisieren mit dem IS

Thomas Ruttig

Deutschlandfunk, 2 June 2015 The German public radio station’s website publishes an article – mainly based on a transcribed interview – with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig about tendencies of radicalisation among Afghan students. AAN’s Borhan Osman is also quoted.

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War­‐related Death, Injury, and Displacement in Afghanistan and Pakistan 2001­‐2014

Costs of War project, 22 May 2015 Latest figures from a broad array of sources. Elsewhere on the project’s website: the financial costs of the Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan wars, with over 4 trillion US dollars and almost another 8 trillion expected costs from interests.

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Cold turkey and shackles – how Afghan ‘clinic’ helps drug addicts


The Guardian, 1 June 2015 A mind-blowing reportage from Uruzgan’s provincial capital, where the only modern clinic for drug addicts had to close as a result of foreign aid cuts and where the only remaining alternative is a local private initiative, open only to men, expensive – and most basic: patients get shackled and are […]

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Banning the Banned from Travel: Taleban Five still in Qatar

Kate Clark

There has been a spate of stories about the end of the travel ban on the five Taleban detainees released from Guantanamo Bay a year ago and exchanged for the United States soldier Bowe Bergdahl. US politicians and media have been speculating on what impact the five might have on the insurgency if they came […]

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