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Month: June 2014

Afghanistan-Pakistan Update


Afghanistan-Pakistan Update, 30 June 2014 Colin Cookman, in his very worthy update, annotates Christian Bleuer and Reza Kazemi’s AAN report “Between Cooperation and Insulation: Afghanistan’s Relations with the Central Asian Republics”.

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Where have all Pakistan’s militants gone?


BBC, 30 June 2014 After Pakistani troops have moved into Miranshah in North Waziristan, the BBC reports that most fighters of the TTP, the Haqqani network and foreign fighters, are “believed to have slipped into Afghanistan’s Khost province after Pakistani troops left a section of the border unmanned for a couple of weeks prior to the […]

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The released Taleban inmates greeted in Qatar - photo by website

The prospect of peace talks after the Bergdahl deal: A Taleban perspective

Borhan Osman

Bowe Bergahl, now back in America, and the five Taleban ex-Guantanamo detainees, in Qatar, will all be trying to get used to life after detention. Beyond the personal, what political consequences might the deal have? After years of efforts, it was wrapped up unexpectedly fast and, in the end, was a stand-alone deal, not part […]

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Amid polls protests, Afghans wary of ethnic conflict


Agencies/Pakistan Observer, 29 June 2014 AAN’s Christine Roehrs is quoted about the Afghan past-election crisis and fraud accuations: “[Abdullah] is getting a lot of behind the scenes advice and warnings about what could happen,” says Christine Roehrs of the Kabul-based Afghan Analysts Network (AAN). “There’s a lot of mitigating going on behind the scenes,” she […]

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Afghan election impasse revives suspicions about Karzai’s role


Reuters, 27 June 2014 In this article about Afghanistan’s post-election anti-fraud protests, AAN’s Kate Clark is quoted: Kate Clark of the Afghanistan Analysts Network said the first round was genuinely competitive and eliminated the candidate considered by most to be Karzai’s favourite. “The fact that the election was competitive did really knock on the head […]

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Little Bridges: AAN’s new report on the slowly growing links between Afghanistan and the Central Asia republics

Christian Bleuer S Reza Kazemi

Reports about Afghanistan and its neighbours to the north usually lump the five former Soviet Central Asia republics together as an undifferentiated block  – ‘the Stans’. Such an approach does not reflect the reality of five countries with very different, mainly bilateral and very local relationships with Afghanistan. The distortion has only been worsened by […]

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Photo: Pajhwok

Between Co-operation and Insulation: Afghanistan’s Relations with the Central Asian Republics

S Reza Kazemi Christian Bleuer

The latest AAN report, “Between Co-operation and Insulation: Afghanistan’s Relations with the Central Asian Republics”, by Christian Bleuer and Said Reza Kazemi, looks at the state of Afghanistan’s relationships to the former Soviet republics of Central Asia to the north. The authors look at the multi- and bilateral cooperation on various levels and from both […]

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Friedliche Proteste mit der Kalaschnikow in der Hand (not online)

Thomas Ruttig

WOZ (Zurich), 26 June 2014 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig looks at the situation after accusations of fraud against high-ranking IEC staff and first protests in Kabul (in German).

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Elections (34): The tug-of-war over the Hazara vote, round II

Qayoom Suroush

How did the large Afghan Hazara minority – that surprised everyone in the first round with its nearly unanimous backing for Dr Abdullah – vote in the second round of the presidential elections? Partial results from the Independent Election Commission (IEC) are not yet available, but in one of the key provinces for Hazaras, Bamyan, […]

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Afghan official’s resignation ‘won’t resolve standoff’

Thomas Ruttig

Deutsche Welle, 24 June 2014 Short interview with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig about the current post-election crisis in Afghanistan and the Amarkhel resignation: “No, it [the resignation] doesn’t resolve the standoff. The Afghan election crisis is not only about the people involved, it is also about the electoral system. … There is no sufficiently independent institution of […]

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Has Afghan election fraud controversy been defused?


Christian Science Monitor, 24 June 2014 AAN’s Borhan Osman is quoted here as saying he does not believe the electoral crisis in Afghanistan is over yet: “You have to remember [Abdullah] also took issue to two other points beyond calling for Amarkhil’s resignation – the more than seven million turnout and what he says is […]

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