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Month: January 2013

Speaking Out for Justice: An Initial Victory for Women Victims of Violence

Wazhma Samandary

Recently Afghan TV channels and news agencies have reported on an increasing number of cases of violence against women around the country. Only in the two first weeks of December at least four cases of murder were discussed in the media. In reaction to the violent incidents, civil society organizations and women’s rights activists started […]

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Elders warn of pulling out kin from police, ANA


Pajhwok News Agency (Kabul), 6 January 2013 ‘Tribal elders from various provinces on Sunday warned the government of withdrawing their relatives from the ranks of Afghan security forces if two former officials, including one charged with triple murder, were not tried publicly’. The report refers to a case in Baghlan province, but Kabul-based daily Mandegar […]

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133 Children Die a Day in Afghanistan


Khaama Press (Kabul), 6 January 2013 The news agency’s report points out that ‘diarrhoeal diseases are responsible for the death of 48,545 children every year in the country’, amounting to 133 a day. ‘Even in the Afghan capital, Kabul, barely 25 percent of people, according to some reports, have direct access to potable water.’ The […]

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Ashraf Ghani: Afghan national identity at risk

Other AAN, 4 January 2013 ‘According to the Afghanistan Analysts Network’s Thomas Rutting, claims of the Taliban “softening” its posture represent “wishful thinking” by Western leaders who are in “mission liquidation” mode and tend to frame minor developments as major breakthroughs. … Rutting also underlined the fact that the process still requires a broader representation of […]

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Afghan census dodges questions of ethnicity and language


The Guardian, 3 January 2013 Not only questions about ethnicity and language are not asked, but also ‘first results, from normally calm central Bamiyan province, showed an actual population barely half official estimates’ and sparked protests: ‘Death to the enemies of Bamiyan! The statistics are wrong!

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