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Month: July 2012

Flash from the Past: the 2002 Tokyo conference – the world’s most difficult story

Kate Clark

Today’s conference on aid in Tokyo (8 July 2012) has come ten years after international donors first pledged money to post-Taleban Afghanistan. In January 2002, they promised $3 billion (over varying numbers of years, depending on the donor) which was then an enormous sum, although it turned out to be a small drop compared to […]

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Beyond the Tokyo Centre-Court: Civil Society Concerns

Gran Hewad

Today’s Tokyo Conference is the third such event in a month, following the second ‘Afghanistan: Heart of Asia’ conference in Kabul on 14 June and the Delhi Investment Summit on Afghanistan on 28 June. There have also been three other events in Tokyo, involving the UN, aid agencies and civil society organisations in the run-up […]

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The Tokyo Conference and the Decade of Déjà Vu

Martine van Bijlert

Another conference, another set of promises, proposals and agreements. Tomorrow, representatives over 70 countries, international organisations and the Afghan government will meet in Tokyo to discuss aid post-2014. Anyone feeling confused about yet another conference with its claims of impact and importance will find AAN’s new e-book (Snapshots of an Intervention: The Unlearned Lessons of […]

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Torture, Mass Hysteria, and Forced Confession in Afghanistan’s Girls’ Schools


Newsweek/The Daily Beast, 7 July 2012 Matt Aikins about the latest wave of poisoning of schoolgirls – or is it a phenomenon of mass hysteria. Whatever, the Afghan authorities have already made arrests.

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AAN’s first e-book: ‘Snapshots of an Intervention’

AAN Team

The Unlearned Lessons of Afghanistan’s Decade of Assistance (2001–11) The idea for this volume was born in the summer of 2010 during a discussion of the cyclical nature of many of Afghanistan’s programmes. Years of following the international efforts had left us with an increasingly strong sense of déjà vu: another conference to demonstrate momentum, […]

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Renewal of the Vows: The Tokyo conference between ritual and necessity

Tomorrow in Tokyo an international conference on Afghanistan is set to start, a little over a decade after the first donor conference on Afghanistan of the post-Taleban era took place in Japan’s capital. Between then and now many of such conference have been held, in many different places and in increasing frequency; on average once […]

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The Mud Might Stick: Women’s Shelters Again

Sari Kouvo

On 17 June, the Minister of Justice, Habibullah Ghaleb, said that women’s shelters were safe havens for immorality and prostitution. He was later to apologize after stirring up fierce debate in Afghan media and elsewhere about women’s shelters and provoking defences of shelters by activists, the Women’s Affairs Minister and his own deputy. Nevertheless, says […]

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Potholes on ISAF’s Northern Exit: a road trip through the Salang

Martin Gerner

The news that Pakistan has agreed to re-open supply routes to Afghanistan (1) after a seven month diplomatic standoff between Washington and Islamabad will not only ease the costs for the US and other NATO member states for their withdrawal plans. It also procures northern Afghanistan – namely its road system and population – some […]

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Afghanistan’s Draft Election Law: A Missed Opportunity to Enhance Transparency in Campaign Finance


Bamdad, 4 July 2012 An election expert looks at the finance side of the draft new electoral law — a good addition to our blog on the issue.

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The Battle for Schools in Ghazni – or, Schools as a Battlefield

Fabrizio Foschini

The anti-Taleban uprising by the people of Andar in the spring surprised many observers and, quite possibly, the insurgents themselves. This made it possible to portray it as a spontaneous struggle of local villagers for the right to education during its first weeks. Now, a month later, AAN’s Fabrizio Foschini feels that, rather than risk […]

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Avoiding Meeting Fatigue


USIP, 2 July 2012 Bill Byrd gives the international Afghanistan conferences held so far a critical glance. He writes that they ‘have helped keep attention focused on Afghanistan, elicit financial support, give a “seat at the table” to all partners, generate good strategic documents, and provide a forum for the Afghan government. However, the meetings […]

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