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Month: January 2012

Can Afghan Forces Manage Alone in Helmand?


IWPR, 4 January 2012 The Kabul-based agency reports people’s perceptions of the security handover in three districts in Helmand. One resident quotes says that the handover was ‘a good thing but had come too soon for Helmand, where the Taleban were fully in control of some areas while the government only held major urban centres […]

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National Coalition vs National Front: Two opposition alliances put Jamiat in a dilemma

Thomas Ruttig

And yet another opposition alliance, but not a really new one. Before Christmas, Dr Abdullah Abdullah extended his own Hope and Change alliance with a few more political parties and politicians. It was renamed the National Coalition of Afghanistan (NCA). Apparently, Abdullah is trying to make it look more like a real coalition and less […]

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Afghan Taliban announce deal to open political office in Qatar as key step toward peace talks


AP, 3 January 2012 The Taliban have confirmed officially on Tuesday that they will open an office in the Persian Gulf nation of Qatar to hold talks with the United States, an unprecedented step toward a peace process that might lead to a winding down of the 10-year war in Afghanistan.

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Rising Opium Production in Helmand


IWPR, 3 January 2012 Farmers in Afghanistan’s Helmand province say they are determined to grow as much opium poppy as they can this season. Some blame official efforts to encourage them to switch to other crops, which they say have failed to lift them out of poverty. Others say the Taleban intimidate them into colluding […]

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Wie geht es 2013 in Afghanistan weiter? (Audio)

Other AAN

Radio Eins (Germany), 2 January 2013 In an interview with this German radio station, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig looks ahead on Afghanistan’s developments in 2013, arguing that it is a crucial year on the political front, with candidates’ registration in September for next years election when President Karzai cannot run again and is trying to secure […]

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20 January 2012: Two new non-AAN papers by Thomas Ruttig

AAN admin

Two new papers by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig have been published, one contributed to a conference organised by the Aspen Institute and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Berlin this January and a contribution for the journal of the National Defence Institute of Portugal. Thomas Ruttig, ‘Afghanistan between Democratization and Civil War: Post-2014 Scenarios’, in: Charles King Mallory IV/Joachim Krause […]

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AAN In the Media – January 2012

AAN Team

Trickreiches Tauziehen um die Taliban tageszeitung (Berlin), 31 January 2012 In this article of his, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig looks at the latest developments in attempts for a political solution with the Taleban: the US-Afghan irritations about the Qatar office, attempts for a US-Taleban prisoner exchange and President Karzai’s attempt to create his own Taleban channel […]

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