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Month: July 2011

Looking at the Azra Hospital Attack (amended)

Thomas Ruttig Fabrizio Foschini

The suicide car-bomb attack that destroyed the civilian hospital of Logar’s eastern-most district Azra on 25 June was terrible even for Afghan standards, with now [amended: 29] registered dead and 53 wounded. Amongst the victims were reportedly 15 children waiting for immunisation as well as five toddlers; the 10-bed maternity ward completely destroyed. But the […]

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Guest Blog: Author’s Reply to AAN Reading ‘Afgantsy’

Rodric Braithwaite

It is usually a mistake for an author to come back to a reviewer, but you raise a number of interesting and useful points, which made me think it would be worth breaking the rule, wrote Rodric Braithwaite*, author of ‘Afgantsy’ which primarily looks at the impact of the Afghan war on Soviet people. Here […]

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4 July AAN New Report: Layha: Calling the Taleban to Account

AAN admin

The new report by Kate Clark, AAN Senior Analyst, discusses the Taleban Code of Conduct of the Layha. In the report, Clark uses the Layha as a means of analysing the Taleban itself and the movements changing concerns, but she also asks whether the Layha could be approached in much more practical terms, as a […]

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The Layha: Calling the Taleban to Account

Kate Clark

This latest report by Kate Clark, Senior Analyst with the Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN), discusses the Taleban Code of Conduct or the Layha. The latest Layha was issued a year ago, and the two previous in 2006 and 2009. Each new version of the Code has been longer, more detailed and more polished. The Layha […]

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Talking about Civilian Casualties in Kabul (with comment)

Thomas Ruttig

Last week, on 28 June, ISAF Kabul had invited for a half-day conference on the issue of civilian casualties. The attendance, at least during the first hour, was high-ranking, with Gen. David Petraeus, NATO SCR Simon Gass, NSC chairman Rangin Dadfar Spanta and deputy speakers of both houses of the Afghan parliament. They all left […]

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Guest Blog: Reconciliation Reloaded in Khost

Emilie Jelinek

Once there was the Strengthening Peace programme, with it provincial branches, like here in Khost, to ‘reintegrate’ willing insurgent fighters. It failed because of corruption and a lack of political support. Now, there is its successor programme APRP, and it is unclear whether that’s just a new name on the same project. Our guest blogger […]

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Do the maths: victory cannot be bought in Afghanistan


The National (UAE), 1 July 2011 Some pretty interesting figures in this one: US military providing air conditioning for its troops in Iraq and Afghanistan comes out at $20 billion a year, more than the total budget of Nasa; by the time fuel reaches the US bases in Afghanistan, it costs $8 to $12 a […]

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Guest Blog: Who is Tayyeb Agha? (amended)

Anand Gopal

After years of rumors of talks with the Taleban, the US is finally meeting a senior Taleban representative face-to-face. In a series of encounters this spring in Germany and Doha, it has been leaked to the press that US officials have met with Tayyeb Agha, a leading Taleban figure. But the world of the Taleban […]

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AAN In The Media – July 2011

AAN Team

Kabul’s economy leaves poor in the dark Sydney Morning Herald, 30 July 2011 AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted here on expected post´2014 effects, on security and the economy. On the former, he quotes an Afghan friend: ‘”The day the West stops paying for the Afghan army and the Afghan police, the next day there is […]

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