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Month: July 2011

Well done, medium or ‘authentic’? – or: Reality is satire


The following piece was published by the AFP. We did not make it up, we swear. Wanted: Afghan butcher class for US special forces AFP, 18/07/2011 WASHINGTON US special forces in Afghanistan are known for taking out militants in stealthy night raids but commanders now want them to learn how to butcher meat and cook […]

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Guest Blog: Principles Sold-out – A Farewell to Afghanistan

Jan Malekzade

The 2002 Emergency Loya Jirga was more representative then anything seen in Afghanistan in the previous 25 years, writes our guest blogger, but it was sold out to the warlords for a cheap political compromise, argues our guest blogger Jan Malekzade*. Looking back at two stints with the UN, he says farewell to Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s […]

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When personalities trump institutions: Two assassinations in Afghanistan


AfPak Channel, 18 July 2011 The killings of Ahmed Wali Karzai and Jan Muhammad ‘both are products of the modern way of war, men of enormous power born of contracting dollars and access to U.S. officials’, writes Anand Gopal. ‘[F]oreign forces funded an array of private militias that regularly acted outside the law (members of […]

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Who was Jan Muhammad Khan?

Thomas Ruttig

Another closest Karzai aide killed within five days: after Ahmad Wali Karzai on 12 July, now Jan Muhammad Khan, the former governor and grey eminence of Uruzgan. While the circumstances of the assassinations are distinct (AWK killed by a lone gunman and ostensible friend, JMK by a suicide bomber crew), both men had a lot […]

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Where criminals forgive themselves

Fabrizio Foschini

The Afghan Civil Society Forum (ACSFo) today released a report titled ‘How People Define Violence and Justice in Afghanistan (1958 – 2008)’. Prepared by ACSFo with the funding of the Heinrich-Bӧll-Stiftung, the report provides a valuable insight into Afghans’ perceptions of these two concepts, drawn by their extensive experience of at least the first of […]

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Guest Blog: Let’s Remember Afghanistan on International Criminal Justice Day

Ajmal Pashtoonyar

Last year in Kampala (Uganda), the Assembly of States Parties to the International Criminal Court (ICC) decided to celebrate 17 July as the Day of International Criminal Justice, to commemorate the adoption of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (adopted 1998). As we celebrate International Criminal Justice Day, Ajmal Pashtoonyar* takes the opportunity […]

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Thomas Ruttig

The BBC has just been reporting that NATO has handed over the security responsibility for Bamian province to the Afghan government. It has bee a big secret – no one has told us in advance. In what was a highly classified operation, NATO/ISAF has handed over the security responsibility for the Central Afghan province of […]

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Afghanistan’s civilians in the crosshairs


Af PakChannel, 14 July 2011 OSI’s Erica Gaston comments on the latest UNAMA civilian casualties report which she calls ‘a chilling rebuttal to illusions that Afghanistan is moving toward greater stability’ and a grim reality check to over-optimistic reports by international military and civilian leaders that their strategy is successfully disrupting insurgent activities’. She demands […]

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Dad Noorani, critic of warlordism, passed away

Thomas Ruttig

Wednesday night, Dad Noorani, one of Afghanistan’s best political analysts and most courageous journalists, succumbed to a heart attack. AAN’s Thomas Ruttig commemorates the determined opponent of warlordism and defender of the rule of law. Born in Farah in 1956, Dad* Noorani – he also used the first name Paghar – studied medicine at Kabul University […]

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Guest Blog: The Enteqal 7 – Fear in the valley of the Five Lions

Sayed Salahuddin

The starting handover of security responsibility to the Afghan government, reports about talks with the Taleban and a feeling of alienation are contributing to a sense of increasing fear in the Panjshir valley, a stronghold of anti-Taleban reisstance. Our guest blogger Sayed Salahuddin* looks at the background, both in history and current events. The handover […]

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