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Month: June 2011

Afghanistan’s Parliament or How to Hold on to Your Seat

Martine van Bijlert

Parliament has decided to postpone its regular recess. It was supposed to start today, but the Parliamentarians just don’t want to go yet. They spent most of their last session discussing how they hadn’t properly started their work and how they wouldn’t be able to face their constituents if they went home. And that they […]

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Towards a More United Voice of Afghan Civil Society: Step Two

Fabrizio Foschini

During the last week of May a delegation of Afghan civil society activists visited Italy in a follow-up to the Kabul conference of two months ago, by the title ‘Promoting Dialogue and Peace in Afghanistan: Strengthening Afghan Civil Society’. AAN’s Fabrizio Foschini followed to Rome the members of the steering committee composed of several Afghan […]

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AAN Reads: The Soviets in Afghanistan, In Their Narrative

Thomas Ruttig

Rodric Braithwaite’s ‘Afgantsy’ has already deservedly been widely praised for its Soviet and Russian sources-based account of the Soviet intervention years in Afghanistan. AAN’s Senior Analyst Thomas Ruttig joins in, but finds that Artemy Kalinovsky’s ‘The Long Goodbye’ is a more than worthy addition on this issue. Rodric Braithwaite’s book has already deservedly been reviewed […]

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Karzai’s civilian casualties ultimatum


The AfPakChannel, 2 June 2011 Erica Gaston, a human rights lawyer for the Open Society Foundations,specializing in civilian casualty issues, writes that ‘Karzai’s fundamental demands – a halt to unilateral strikes, particularly inthe form of night raids and airstrikes – are largely non-negotiable issues for the U.S. […] With little wiggle room on this fundamental […]

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The Enteqal Seven (4): Herat, the Seeds of Fear

Fabrizio Foschini

Herat was a logical choice for the transition: rich, cultivated, well-connected, Herat makes the kind of city that can stand on its own feet without much effort. But of course, transition comes with a price. As it seems more and more apparent, the insurgents are keen on targeting these new would-be symbols of success for […]

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Certainly Not the First, Unlikely To Be The Last


Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 1 June 2011 Daud Khattak’s obituary for his abducted, tortured and killed colleague Syed Saleem Shahzad who is only the last in a growing number of Pakistani journalists murdered, apparently for writing things they are not supposed to write.

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AAN In The Media – June 2011

AAN Team

NATO air strike kills fighter linked to Afghan hotel attack Reuters, 30 June 2011 In this background article about what the Interconti attacks says about the ‘transition’ process, AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted as saying that it reflects ‘one of the concerns […] that the Afghan security forces are growing in quantity, not in quality’. […]

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