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Month: June 2010

PEACE JIRGA BLOG 6: An attack on the jirga, an end to peace?

Martine van Bijlert

It was in the middle of a live radio interview, as we were discussing the basics of the peace jirga that had just kicked off, that the interviewer cut in: “It seems the jirga has been attacked. There was an explosion or shooting. Karzai has been taken away, maybe to hospital. It was probably the […]

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PEACE JIRGA BLOG 5: The Big Karzai Show

Thomas Ruttig

A first commentary on the beginning National Consultative Peace Jirga in Kabul by Thomas Ruttig The Peace Jirga that began today in Kabul, will fail its declared main aim: to establish a real national consensus on talks with the Taleban. In order to be able to, too many relevant political forces are absent – and […]

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PEACE JIRGA BLOG 4: Who’s come to town… and who’s staying away

Kate Clark

The peace jirga has begun today without President Karzai’s main rival in last year’s presidential elections, Dr Abdullah, who has announced that he and his supporters are not attending. Abdullah’s party comrade, head of Jamiat-e Islami and former president, Burhanuddin Rabbani, however, looks set to chair the jirga – a move which is seen as […]

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Die Banden von Kandahar (The Gangs of Kandahar)


Le Monde diplomatique (German edition), June 2010 An excellent account of Kandahar’s complex situation, full version apparently only available in German, with a shorter English version on the author’s website

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AAN In The Media – June 2010

AAN Team

The position of Hazaras in Afghanistan The Hazara Network, 30 Juni 2010 Blogpost on the position of Hazaras quotes Thomas Ruttig’s June 18 blog ‘A New Taliban Front? (referring to it as a ‘study’ by the highly-regarded Afghanistan Analysts Network) that ‘Taleban involvement also was presumed in this year’s renewed clashes between settled Hazaras and […]

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