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Month: March 2010

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Pakistan in 2010

Ann Wilkens

While the world is discussing strategies to exit Afghanistan, the crisis in neighbouring Pakistan is deepening. What the silent majority of Pakistanis voted for in the elections of February 2008 – a secular democracy – is proving elusive. The army has since reemerged as a major political actor and the Taleban are gaining ground. This […]

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Political Parties in Re-Registration

Thomas Ruttig

On Monday, the six-month’s deadline for a re-registration of Afghanistan’s 110 registered political parties is ending. This is based on requirements of the new political parties law passed by the parliament in June 2009 already. After some back and forth between the executive and the legislative which led to some amendments in detail, the President […]

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Don’t Call That Warlord a Warlord

Antonio Giustozzi

In Afghanistan, some feel insulted when they are called a ‘warlord’. Some rather call them, euphemistically, ‘local power brokers’ or ‘strongmen’. The author of this blog thinks that the term still is useful – but that it should not be used randomly and proposes a sharper definition. By Antonio Giustozzi. This blog first appeared on […]

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Finding Kabir

Willi Germund

Arresting the former deputy ‚prime minister‘ of the Taleban apparently needed less than rocket science. Pakistani intelligence sources also confirm that the arrests of Maulawi Kabir and Mulla Baradar foremost serve Pakistani interests, both with regard to urgently needed financial resources and possibly to the strengthening of an old ally, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. A guest blog […]

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Some Birds with One Stone

Christopher Reuter

Pakistan is establishing a new Taleban leadership that is more aggressive, less inclined to talk and primarily follows the instructions of its ISI minders, says Christoph Reuter(1). With this aim, it manipulates different leaders of militant groups, using targeted arrests and ‘invitations’ into ‘guesthouses’. When it became known on 16 Februar that the number three […]

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4 and 9 March 2010: New AAN Publications on Pakistan

AAN admin

Two new AAN papers explore the situation in Afghanistan’s neighboring country Pakistan. While the first briefing provides a look back on the AfPak strategy, a term already dropped again barely one year after it was invented, the second briefing deals with the deepening crisis of Pakistan’s young but already elusive secular democracy. The first one, […]

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AAN In The Media – March 2010

AAN Team

Obama’s surprise visit to Afghanistan Deutsche Welle, 29 March 2010 Listen to an audio file of Thomas Ruttig’s (English-language) interview about the significance of President Obama’s recent brief visit to Afghanistan. On a question whether Obama was ‘lecturing’ Karzai on governance, he replied that this would be appreciated by many Afghans. ‘Taliban können nicht besiegt […]

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