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Month: February 2010

A challenge for the next head of UNAMA

Minna Jarvenpaa

Minna Jarvenpaa, AAN founding member and former head of UNAMA’s Analysis and Policy Unit, looks ahead at the challenges faced by Afghanistan’s new UN SRSG. Staffan di Mistura, who on the eve of the London Conference was appointed by Ban Ki-moon as his Special Representative to head up the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), […]

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London Conference (2): Peace, Reconciliation and Reintegration

Martine van Bijlert

The London Conference and the media chatter around it has put the subject of reintegration and negotiations with the Taliban firmly on the agenda. Although both issues had been repeatedly raised by Afghan government and international officials over the last few years, the media and wider public still seemed to be taken by surprise. A […]

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Citha D. Maaß: Afghanistans Drogenkarriere (Afghanistan’s Drug Career: From War to Drug Economy)


SWP Research Paper S2, January 2010 In this best paper about Afghanistan’s drug economy since a long time (it is in German but SWP should be urged to translate it as quickly as possible), the Berlin-based scholar not only reviews the latest trends in this field but also puts the analysis of these developments on […]

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5 February, Amsterdam:

AAN admin

Martine van Bijlert will be participating in the Dutch “Loya Jirga” in Amsterdam which will explore what the Netherlands’ civilian and military involvement in Afghanistan looks like in reality. The Loya Jirga will, according to the announcement, listen to the stories of Afghans, journalists, soldiers, development workers and members of the business community, while it tries […]

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London Conference (1): Calling for Afghan ownership and Afghan leadership

Martine van Bijlert

The London conference has come and gone. World leaders gathered to try to create a sense of momentum and partnership and to persuade sceptical audiences that there is a plan and an end in sight. There were several messages, but the one that was drowned out in the media coverage surrounding on what to do […]

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AAN In The Media – February 2010

AAN Team

Niederländische Methoden (Dutch Methods) Neue Zürcher Zeitung am Sonntag, 28 February 2010 In this article about the soon-to-end ‘Dutch model’ in Uruzgan, Thomas Ruttig is quoted as saying that one aim of the current Marja offensive is to project that the ANA and ANP build-up is working. Angriff auf Gästehäuser (Attack on Guest Houses) tageszeitung […]

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