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Month: January 2010

Rays of Hope in Parliament

Minna Jarvenpaa

We continue our reporting and discussion about the next Afghan cabinet – with this blog by our founding member MINNA JARVENPAA. There has been paralysis in the Afghan government for the last six months. No meaningful business was transacted while the elections took their excruciatingly prolonged course, or in the following months of deal-making over […]

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An Ugly Kind of Security

Thomas Ruttig

The new security regulations announced in the US already draw criticism. Rightly so because they smell like racial and political profiling – plus a pinch of the bad old ‘axis of evil’ thinking. All citizens of Afghanistan, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen plus ‘nations considered “state sponsors of terrorism”’ […]

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Response to: ‘Time to Work with Warlords? What?’

Gerard Russel

The following response to my blog ‘Time to Work with Warlords? What?’ (30 Dec. 2009) came from the author of the original op-ed, GERARD RUSSELL, who criticizes that I did not pay sufficient attention ‘to what I actually said in my article’. Here his remarks: For one thing, I propose the same thing as you: […]

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What the Lakki Marwat Carnage Shows

Thomas Ruttig

With horror and disgust I was watching over the last days how the number of victims of a car-bomb detonated at a volleyball match in Shah Hassankhel village (Lakki Marwat area), close to South Waziristan, in Pakistan was steadily rising: 22, 32, 60, 75, 89, up to 93 Saturday afternoon. (No further reports from Sunday […]

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The Cabinet Vote: Confusion as Political Principle

Thomas Ruttig

A commentary — No, the rejection of two thirds of his cabinet proposals by the Wolesi Jirga is no ‘slap in the face of Hamed Karzai’, as some media put it. On the contrary, it is a success for him. The Afghan President – often ridiculed as mayor of Kabul – has, again, shown it […]

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Parliament votes off most of Karzai’s Cabinet

Martine van Bijlert

After over two weeks of listening to presentations by the candidate ministers and being subjected to lobbying and negotiations, the Lower House of Parliament finally voted. And only seven out of twenty-four ministers were passed. It can be no coincidence that six of them were sitting ministers about which the internationals had made it quite […]

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Aid Workers and the Military

Thomas Ruttig

Let’s start 2010 with something positive: German chancellor Angela Merkel commended the work of civilian aid workers in Afghanistan in her New Year address, before mentioning policemen and soldiers. That was an interesting and long overdue accent in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s New Year TV address: She commended the ‘many civilian helpers, the policemen and our […]

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AAN In The Media – January 2010

AAN Team

The Habitus of Superiority Brittania Radio, 29 January 2010 Article quotes Thomas Ruttig on the London conference (“has not been sufficiently prepared” and does not promise any notable results) and the reintegration plans (notes, that a similar program had already been applied years ago. One “cannot even call it unsuccessful; it was a grandiose failure.”) […]

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