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Talibanrörelsens uppkomst och drivkrafter: en bakgrund inför Bonn II-konferensen om Afghanistan i december 2011

Ann Wilkens Guests

Ann Wilkens, FOI (Stockholm), background paper FOI-R–3243–SE, August 2011 (in Swedish) From the summary: The aim to this study is to give an in depth description of those destructive forces, inside and outside of Afghanistan, that oppose the international intervention and contend its goals. Over the last few years, the Afghan Taliban have expanded their […]

نورې خپرونې / سایر انتشارات نور یی ولوله

Inciting the Believers to Fight: A closer look at the rhetoric of the Afghan jihad

florian-broschk Guests Priye Ranjan Keolyar

While AAN in a series of recent papers has recently been looking at features of the Taleban movement in general, now it takes a look on one of its specifics: their propaganda. Our author Florian Broschk has dissected a rare Dari-language propaganda video and the language used in it, a Salafi-influenced narrative of ‘oppression’ and […]

ځانګړي راپورونه / گزارشهای ویژه نور یی ولوله

Peace offerings: Theories of conflict resolution and their applicability to Afghanistan

Guests matt-waldman Priye Ranjan Keolyar Thomas Ruttig

AAN’s new discussion paper by Matt Waldman and Thomas Ruttig takes a more theoretical approach to the current debate about reconciliation, often too narrowly described just as ‘talking to the Taleban’. It looks into various theories of conflict resolution and which insights they may offer for a peaceful solution of the Afghan conflict. Despite the […]

ځانګړي راپورونه / گزارشهای ویژه نور یی ولوله

Afghanistans Parlamentswahl 2010: Verpasste Wahlrechtsreformen und politische Manöver schwächen neues Parlament

citha-d-maas Guests Priye Ranjan Keolyar Thomas Ruttig

Citha D. Maass and Thomas Ruttig: Afghanistan’s 2010 Parliamentary Vote – Missed Chances for Electoral Reform and Political Manoeuvring Weaken the New Parliament, SWP-Aktuell 2010/A 66, September 2010 An analysis (in German) of the situation before the 18 September Afghan parliamentary vote, of missed chances for election reform and a resulting weak judicial framework for […]

نورې خپرونې / سایر انتشارات نور یی ولوله

The Northern Front: The Afghan Insurgency Spreading beyond the Pashtuns

Antonio Giustozzi Christoph Reuter Guests

One of the key developments in Afghanistan during the last year is the expansion of insurgent activity in the northern region. The latest AAN briefing paper analyses this expansion and points to the crucial fact that the Taleban are expanding their constituency into non-Pashtun areas. The paper is authored by Antonio Giustozzi, prominent scholar of […]

ځانګړي راپورونه / گزارشهای ویژه نور یی ولوله

Golden Surrender: The Risks, Challenges, and Implications of Reintegration in Afghanistan

Guests matt-waldman Priye Ranjan Keolyar

The reintegration of former fighters is one of the main pillars in the unfolding counterinsurgency strategy. It is however more complex and difficult to accomplish than is commonly appreciated. In this paper Matt Waldman (fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University) explores the obstacles to a successful reintegration programme. These […]

ځانګړي راپورونه / گزارشهای ویژه نور یی ولوله

The AfPak Strategy: Reactions in Pakistan

Guests karl-fischer Priye Ranjan Keolyar

Viewing Pakistan in a historical and geostrategic context, this paper by eminent Pakistan and India expert Karl Fischer highlights those aspects of the new United States strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan (formerly termed ‘the AfPak Strategy’) that are more relevant for Pakistan and shows predominant Pakistani reactions to these issues. The selection is limited to […]

ځانګړي راپورونه / گزارشهای ویژه نور یی ولوله

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Pakistan in 2010

Ann Wilkens Guests

While the world is discussing strategies to exit Afghanistan, the crisis in neighbouring Pakistan is deepening. What the silent majority of Pakistanis voted for in the elections of February 2008 – a secular democracy – is proving elusive. The army has since reemerged as a major political actor and the Taleban are gaining ground. This […]

ځانګړي راپورونه / گزارشهای ویژه نور یی ولوله

Governance in Afghanistan in Regional Perspective

dr-christian-wagner Guests Priye Ranjan Keolyar

In discussions about governance and reforms in Afghanistan, the regional dimension – and in particular Afghanistan’s relative position in comparison with its neighbouring countries – is often neglected. In this paper Dr. Christian Wagner, head of the Asia Research group at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Berlin), compares Afghanistan to other South […]

ځانګړي راپورونه / گزارشهای ویژه نور یی ولوله

The State of the Afghan State

anders-fange Guests Priye Ranjan Keolyar

In this paper, Anders Fänge, AAN member and Country Director of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, gives his views on where Afghanistan stands, what went wrong and what can be done – in this third attempt of government-driven ambitious and wide-ranging national reform programmes within a hundred years that caused a major armed rebellion. Anders […]

ځانګړي راپورونه / گزارشهای ویژه نور یی ولوله