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Afghanistan between Democratization and Civil War: Post-2014 Scenarios

Thomas Ruttig < 1 دقیقې

Thomas Ruttig, in: Charles King Mallory IV/Joachim Krause (eds.), Sustainable Strategies for Afghanistan and the Region After 2014, Aspen Institute, European Strategy Forum, reader for a conference, 10-11 January 2012, Berlin.

This conference contribution draws on an earlier papers co-authored with Citha D. Maaß for Berlin’s SWP in August 2011. It discusses post-2014 scenarios for Afghanistan, but also extensively looks at the causes and the context of Afghanistan’s current conflicts, including the discussion around US bases and the inteqal strategy and finally asks ‘Why no best case scenario?’ The reader also contains papers by Christine Fair, Keith Crane, James Dobbins, Anthony Cordesman, Sumit Ganguly and Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh.

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