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Month: جوزا / غبرګولی ۱۳۹۰

Negotiations with the Taliban: History and Prospects for the Future

Thomas Ruttig

Thomas Ruttig, New America Foundation, 23 May 2011 This paper ‘Negotiations with the Taliban: History and Prospects for the Future’ authored for and published now by The New America Foundation provides a view – from a perspective before OBL’s death and reports that a direct US-Taleban link has been established with German assistance – at […]

نورې خپرونې / سایر انتشارات نور یی ولوله

The Takhar attack: Targeted killings and the parallel worlds of US intelligence and Afghanistan

Guests Kate Clark

The targeted killing of Osama Bin Laden has given a boost to those in the US who believe this is also an effective strategy to defeat – or at least degrade – the Taleban in Afghanistan. This new AAN thematic report, by senior analyst Kate Clark, warns against this strategy, stressing that the legality of […]

د راپورونو ګڼه / دوسیه ها نور یی ولوله

The Insurgents of the Afghan North

Antonio Giustozzi Christoph Reuter Guests

In this report Antonio Giustozzi and Christoph Reuter describe the rise of the Taleban in northern Afghanistan. They discuss their recruitment and shadow administration, the conduct of the Afghan government, the effects of ISAF’s ‘capture-and-kill campaign’ and how all of this together contributes to a very unstable status quo. Until recently, the belief was widespread […]

د راپورونو ګڼه / دوسیه ها نور یی ولوله