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Month: سنبله / وږی ۱۳۸۸

Präsident Karzai vor zweiter Amtszeit? Sicherheitsprobleme und Legitimitätsdefizite bei den Präsidentschaftswahlen in Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig

Thomas Ruttig. Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik: Berlin, SWP-Aktuell 2009/A, August 2009 (President Karzai before a second term? Security problems and legitimacy deficits of Afghanistan‘s presidential elections – in German) Incumbent Hamed Karzai aims at a second term of office in Afghanistan‘s presidential elections on 20 August. A lack of alternatives, his astute positioning and use […]

نورې خپرونې / سایر انتشارات نور یی ولوله

How to Win an Afghan Election; Perceptions and Practices

Martine van Bijlert

In its second report the Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN) holds the magnifying glass to the Afghan elections, exploring the impact of high-level deals, local-level decision-making processes, and electoral manipulation. The author, Martine van Bijlert, used her extensive in-country experience, contacts and language skills to provide a detailed analysis of the deal-making and politicking that underlie […]

د راپورونو ګڼه / دوسیه ها نور یی ولوله