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A “Pending Issue”: Pakistani Balochs seeking shelter in Afghanistan

While millions of Afghans have fled to Pakistan over the past four decades, now, Pakistanis are flocking to Afghanistan. There are not only those who flee Pakistani military operations in Waziristan, though, but also Pakistani Balochs who say that they flee from repression by the Pakistani government, linked to latest Baloch insurgency activities. In Afghanistan, […]

Guest blog: Reintegration of Taleban in Badghis: A Success or a Nightmare?

Badghis, in northwestern Afghanistan, is the province where the most Taleban have laid down their weapons and joined the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program (APRP). The Spanish journalist Mònica Bernabé* travelled in June to Qala-e Naw, Badghis capital. By that month, 593 Taleban had laid down their weapons. Last week, the number had grown to […]

New troops too late for Badghis?

Inactive foreign troops and gross human rights violations with an ethnic bias have made the population of Badghis ‘poor, fed up and completely alienated from the government’, an ideal breeding ground for the Taleban and an eight-fold increase of poppy cultivation. A rare glimpse into one of the most neglected provinces of Afghanistan. By Mònica […]