Yearly Archives: 2016

AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on the new US administration’s possible approach to Afghanistan and Pakistan. (November, 2016)

The first episode of the Gandhara Podcast about the new US administration’s possible approach to Afghanistan and Pakistan, with AAN’s Thomas Ruttig, Woodrow Wilson School’s Michael Kugelmann, Gandhara’s Abu Bakr Siddique and host Muhammad Taher.  

AAN’s Thomas Ruttig discusses ‘Hopes and Realities in Afghanistan’ at The Peace Research Institute Oslo (September, 2016)

Afghanistan has received less attention by the international community after the withdrawal of foreign troops in 2014. However, an increasing conflict level and civilian casualties, internal differences in the government, the presence of ISIS in the country and the thousands of Afghan refugees coming to Europe has put Afghanistan firmly back on the agenda. Afghanistan […]

AAN’s Jelena Bjelica discusses the issue of Afghanistan’s Landless Refugees – July 2016

More than 5.8 million Afghans, about 20 per cent of Afghanistan’s population, are refugees who have returned home since the fall of the Taleban according to UNHCR figures. Many found their houses destroyed or occupied, or discovered that a new set of laws had scrapped their tenancy rights. The government plan for distributing land to […]

Member of AAN’s advisory board Ann Wilkens on the Afghan minors seeking asylum in Sweden – March, 2016

Ambassador Ann Wilkens, member of AAN’s advisory board and the former Swedish Ambassador to Afghanistan and Pakistan discusses the case of Afghan minors seeking asylum in Sweden. Note: In the first answer if the figures are not very audible. She said that around 15 percent of the Swedish population is born outside Sweden.