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Money can’t buy America love

Foreign Policy, 1 December 2009 AAN member Andrew Wilder presents the initial findings of a Tufts research on the linkages between aid and security. The full article is available below: Money can’t buy America love

Afghanistans Wahlkrise (Afghanistan’s Election Crisis)

Thomas Ruttig. Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, SWP-Aktuell 2009/A 56 In this 8-page SWP comment, the author analyses the ‘legitimacy crisis’ that erupted after the manipulated 20 August elections, assesses that it contributes to minimise the chance that Gen. McChrystal’s population-oriented counter-insurgency approach can be implemented and lays out steps to broaden the Afghan political process […]

Polling Day Fraud in the Afghan Elections

Journalists, observers and diplomats have caught on to the fact that all was not well with last month’s Afghan elections, but it is not always clear what exactly happened and why that is a problem. The latest AAN briefing paper gives an overview of the various forms of irregularities that took place on polling day. […]

Präsident Karzai vor zweiter Amtszeit? Sicherheitsprobleme und Legitimitätsdefizite bei den Präsidentschaftswahlen in Afghanistan

Thomas Ruttig. Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik: Berlin, SWP-Aktuell 2009/A, August 2009 (President Karzai before a second term? Security problems and legitimacy deficits of Afghanistan‘s presidential elections – in German) Incumbent Hamed Karzai aims at a second term of office in Afghanistan‘s presidential elections on 20 August. A lack of alternatives, his astute positioning and use […]

How to Win an Afghan Election; Perceptions and Practices

In its second report the Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN) holds the magnifying glass to the Afghan elections, exploring the impact of high-level deals, local-level decision-making processes, and electoral manipulation. The author, Martine van Bijlert, used her extensive in-country experience, contacts and language skills to provide a detailed analysis of the deal-making and politicking that underlie […]